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Performance takes the lead in PK-37

After 10 years, Khyber Pakhtunkawa witnessed one of the largest Local Body Elections on 30th May 2015, amidst a lot of chaos and confusion it was a success. Date after date the delay in the LB elections was finally given a shut up call while Pushtoons took the lead in devolution of power to the ground level. It would be absolutely unfair if PTI run KP Government is not given the credit; the skipper fulfilled his promise.

Being a nationalist while sitting abroad is one picture and getting on ground to play your own role is a completely different picture. This journalist in the making experienced some intriguing aspects which I felt obligatory to share. Stepping outside home, every pole, every house, every vehicle to mention everything had pictures of posing candidates running for various positions along with hilarious symbols.

With a lot of grace and passion, I set afoot to cast my vote for the deserving candidate. PK-37 Kohat had set it’s field for the players to show their strength of performance and trust from its people. The women’s polling station was too jam packed with every voter being dehydrated in the May heat; this was the extent of crowd. But the real problem lay in the mismanagement as well as the notorious opponents of the strong candidate who made it a point to push and pull in order to waste time. What actually was a matter of doubt was that after a number of voters entered the polling booth, the door closed for a longer time? Something was being cooked.

But, Pride hath it’s fall.

Mr.Amjad Khan Afridi the Sports and Culture Minister finally passed the litmus test leaving his opponents to bite the dust. Reporting on a very neutral note, his people at the polling station were so much civilised and peaceful unlike the rivals who left no stone unturned in showing how crude and uncultured they were.

The appealing element for me was that Mr.Amjad Afridi won not on family or ethnic votes but on performance; survival for a politician. His developmental work in PK-37 had earned him kudos especially from female brethren, from schools to fixing transformers, mending roads to cleaning drains, most important providing sui gas to his people. A favourite among the lower class, they promulgate their opinion in a robust manner.

While being the culture minister this young man have arranged numerous festivals in order to promote the softer colorful image of the war torn province. From Cuisine festival in Peshawar to Spring festival in Kohat, Mr.Afridi seems to have held on to the reins of development with utmost dedication and sincerity. Sources tell me that his voters who belong to far flung areas as well as his native village had never seen such progress being made as much as under his time. Not to forget, he and his family have a very down to earth attitude which will surely prolong their road to success.

As I look around to see the loopholes, my mind continuously stops over at one aspect; quality education. No wonder there are many schools in our beloved homeland but what we desperately lack is quality education; for one and all. The privileged people can afford the best of everything while the poor lower class can hardly dream of it. We have the most talented population but what we lack are sincere people who can mold and polish this talent into glittering diamond.

A very humble request to Mr.Amjad Afridi; you’re indeed a champion while working for the cause and needs of your people. Fulfilling their thirst for development as for nearly half a century they were left ignored and beaten to the ground, they vow to never stop appreciating you with the elderly raising their hands in prayer for you. What is necessary now is to provide Quality Education to your native area and adjoining ones.

People call you a politician but prove yourself as a leader, a leader is the one who thinks of the next generation whereas a politician thinks only for the next elections. The grooming and uplifting of the next generation is through quality education and awareness, specially girls. You’ll actually be preserving your votes; a hero for the little ones.

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