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PCB hopeful to revitalize faith of International cricketers after Zimbabwe’s successful tour.

The incessant love of spectators along with their exhilaration, marvelous support and performance by stars such as Ali Zafar and Wasim Akram and terrific rain with thunderstorms marked the closing stages of yet another cricket series in Pakistan. The stage was set at the Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore which rose once again after years of drought with another house full display of 62,000 cricket lovers supporting the players of both Pakistan and Zimbabwe.

The nation of 190 million had been deprived of watching their stars live in action since the past six years after the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team on 3rd March 2009. The Pakistan Cricket team has a lot of fan following in neutral countries due to the flamboyance and magic they play with, same is the case with UAE which has been second home for the country to host its cricket tours since the incident. Pakistan is not the only country where International players have shown resistance to tour. Two decades ago in the year 1996, Sri Lanka, who hosted the World cup together with Pakistan and India faced the same concern as only three games were played by them in the opening rounds as both West Indies and Australia forfeited their matches in Colombo due to security reasons. According to news, ICC refused to send its match officials due to security fears to visit Pakistan. There was a lot of hype regarding this statement that ICC which is termed by some as the “Indian Cricket council” and not the International Cricket Council after the “big three” being signed was against renewal of cricket in Pakistan. However, ICC’s statement shows that there decision was made due to the reluctance shown by foreign countries match officials to visit Pakistan. Historical events and evidences have shown the same case been witnessed and reported in Sri Lanka, where entire matches of the world cup were forfeited by teams due to security reasons.

Pakistan being one of the most supporting nations to tour any country or help any nation in trouble has been in the fore front of cricket drought since the past six years. The best thing which has happened to Pakistan Cricket and to the delight of the entire nation after the World cup wins in 1992 is that the series with Zimbabwe has ended on a safe and sound note where players of the opposite team are satisfied and contended with the security, safety and hospitality delivered by the Pakistan Cricket Board. One of their top players recently tweeted that “He loved the generosity of the nation and how they welcomed and took care of them and wishes to come back to Lahore with a lot of warmhearted memories”.

Showing their support to a country where International players and teams forfeiting their matches, Pakistan toured Sri Lanka only few months after the World cup in 1996/97, declaring Sri Lanka as a peaceful nation to the world which helped the country to revitalize faith of International players to tour the nation. The ball is in Sri Lanka’s court now as after the successful tour of Zimbabwe, a proposal has been sent to Sri Lankan board to tour Pakistan next year in April 2015. Statements by the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse are positive as it stated that they would help Pakistan by sending their national team. It is still too early to say anything whether the tour will materialize or not. But, one thing is for sure, ICC should re-examine position of not visiting Pakistan after the successful tour of Zimbabwe.cricket 1 cricket 2

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