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Flawed Education System?

On May 25th, Pakistan’s social and electronic media were seized by the unfortunate incident happened in Daska. The clash between the police and lawyers resulted in the death of two lawyers, one of them were the president of Daska Bar.  In reaction to that police were beaten by the lawyers, who also burnt some public and private property as well. The two institutions which are suppose to establish the rule of law, made a total mockery of it. The incident of “Daska” reminded me the culprits of “Saniha Safoora”. Although both the incidents have no explicit connection. But I was forced to question my consciousness to find out the relevance in both incidents.

In civilized world, it is believed that education makes you a better person. I am also an advocate of this notion. But then I was failed to answer the question that why the culprits of “Saniha Soofora”, happened to be highly qualified and studied in top institutions of Pakistan. Furthermore I was also unable to find an answer that why police and lawyers behaved like goons. The answer to both the questions was simple but at the same time complicated as well. It is simple to deduce from both incidents that our education system is not making much of a difference to our personalities. But here complication lays in the fact that is it just the education system which is flawed or the system as a whole has crumbled?

There are no two opinions about the fact that our educations system does not encourage any critical thinking. On top of it our text books contain material which can turn any sane person into a radical. Then we operate in a society whose systems frustrate us and test our patience to the core. Now put all of these dots together and you will get a clear picture that why incidents like “Daska” and “Saniha Safoora” occurs frequently.  In human psychology external factors always play an important role in determining human behaviors. To infer that it’s just the fault of our education system is not completely correct. No doubt that our education system has a big role to play in creating the situation in which we find ourselves at the moment. But we can’t rule out the part played by the external factors (society as a whole).

There is no denying to the fact that it’s the individuals who shape-up a society. Therefore the education system and upbringing of an individual plays a vital role in how he/she will act and behave in the society. But the question needed to be asked that how much emphasis we place on these two factors? To fight against terrorism and the extremist mindset, National Action Plan (NAP) was devised last year. Ironically there is a not single point about the education system in the NAP. Although revamping the whole education system is need of the hour. Secondly how much time and effort we invest in shaping up the moral and ethical character of our children? Nothing can work in isolation, same goes for the education system. If we have to put things straight, these two factors have to work in tandem. Lastly we have to be patient. There are no shortcuts or instant gratifications through this process. It will be time consuming and tough but the results will be permanent and long lasting.

Why my mind reverted back to “Saniha Safoora” when an unfortunate incident happened in “Daska”? The answer is simple both the incidents involved people who had a common denominator i.e. education. People involved in both the incidents were educated and were not supposed to act or behave like they did. We have to take some serious steps, starting from revamping the education system. We will also have to improve and work on the character development of our youngsters. Our present is in tatters but we have to secure our future.

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