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The Whole Calendar is Black! – Last Part

The main question is, how do we counter terrorism? The economy, development and prosperity of a nation is at stake due to rise in militancy. Gen (R) Pervez Musharraf has the counter strategy for terrorism. He said:-

 “Without eliminating terrorism, the country could not progress. For the progress of the country all the stake holders and political forces of the country must work together.”

The political forces are the same forces that were against War on Terror when it started post 9/11, by terming it as foreign war on Pakistani soil. Everywhere, in the press and interviews (the same media liberated by Gen (R) Pervez Musharraf) news headlines such as ‘Ghutnay tek dena ’ on ‘one phone call’ from ‘America’ , ‘Bahir ki Jang apnay mulk main Musallat karna’ and ‘Apnay hi logon ko Marna’ were a routine. Then these ‘apnay log’ that also included separatists commonly referred to as ‘naraz log’ (more precisely ‘naraz Baloch’) became so powerful, that they were able to kidnap and chop the heads of not only civilians but also of Army officials. Not only that, after the beheadings, their heads were used to play football with! Blowing up the Ziarat Residency in Balochistan, burning of Pakistani flag on its own soil, massacre of 140 plus innocent children of APS Peshawar and a long list of blasts across length and breadth of Pakistan. Bloodshed and cries everywhere but still for political forces ‘Democracy (so-called) is the best revenge’!!!

APS Victims

Strong action should be taken against terrorists and those who facilitate them. For years madressas were and even today are safe havens for these terrorists. Action should also be taken against them as said by General Musharraf:

“Action should also be taken against mosques and madressas that are being used as storage areas for weaponry and providing sanctuaries to terrorists”

When action was taken against Lal Masjid where openly, writ of the government was challenged by terrorists referred to as ‘Lal Masjid ki Masoom Bachyan’ who fired shells and rockets from the roofs and minarets of mosques, the whole nation opposed Musharraf, when they had openly taken him to task and the army for not taking action against ‘Danda bardar Burqa Brigade’ of Lal Masjid. Such is the hypocrisy of this nation!

Lal Masjid Cleric

The element of RAW should not be taken lightly behind the uprising of terrorism and separatism in Pakistan. According to Gen (R) Pervez Musharraf:

“Indian agency RAW is trying to break up Pakistan”

Pakistan army has launched Operation ‘Zarb-e-Azb’ since June 2014 to crush and wipe out terrorists and militants from Pakistani soil and so far it has achieved great success. Gen (R) Pervez Musharraf fully supported the operation and said:

“Pakistan army is sacrificing today to secure future of the country and everyone should vehemently support the army in this war”

Pakistan army and ISI are fully committed in taking action against RAW and other militant elements operating in Pakistan under a foreign agenda to destabilize the country.

Operation Zarb-e-Azb

In conclusion, years later now our nation has realized that every action and decision of Gen (R) Pervez Musharraf was 100% right and always in the national interests of Pakistan. As said by him:

 “Pakistan first’ should be our aim and thinking”

If the nation, all political stakeholders and state pillars had joined hands with Gen (R) Pervez Musharraf that time in the War against terrorism and extremism, then today we would still have white boxes in our Calendar instead of the Whole Black Calendar!

Pervez Musharraf raising a slogan
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