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ISMAIL – A poem on the Karachi bus attack

Welcome to the nation of a curious mix

Of cultural conservatism; a mindset fix

To ensure that the power to the people belong,

Here things go by in a rush like this!

From the history of diplomacy, I can quote

My country has travelled in a sinking boat

Satire and Condolence is a way of life…

Here scope for a hope is an anecdote!

From suicide bombings to target killings,

With decades of martial law-less drillings

I’m afraid we’ll go down in history of dust,

As brothers killing brothers for a peaceful living!

Bemoaning a page from the sectarian conflict,

I empty my heart and clear my concepts

In Abrahamic religions, we read of Ismail

In the light of divinity, couldn’t you feel?

Couldn’t you feel, we’re one, after all?

United we stand and divided we fall!

For the People of Pakistan, life does mean

Justice for some but judgement for all!

Forty five people were traveling by a bus

They were silenced by guns just to settle the dust

O pseudo-righteous traitors! what was their crime?

You Killed all humanity forty five times!

My thoughts and prayers with a hope for security

Goes out to brothers from the Ismaili community

They are a bleeding finger of a painful arm…

In the land of the pure called Pakistan!

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