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Why I can’t question the things that bother me?

Why I can’t question the things that bother me?

Ever since I started schooling, I have been taught by my teachers that it’s good to ask questions. Whatever that troubles you, let it out and we will answer your queries that gave me the courage to be inquisitive and it also made me confident enough in my ventures. I always wanted to know that how a certain thing happens or why does it happen or why does a certain thing happen the way it happens. I was the nosy kid that everybody wanted to shut up since I could not stop asking questions. My parents and teachers tried to answer many of my questions and used to laugh at some thinking that oh god! When will my questions end!

But I knew I just had to ask. I asked about why the moon is moving with our car? Where does the sun go at night? Why do we pray? Why am I a Muslim? Why is that man doing bad things to our country or where do babies come from? I wanted to know everything!


But as I have grown older I realize now … that only a ‘certain types’ of questions are now acceptable to ask in front of my teachers or parents or colleagues. For example, I can ask why do we pray or how did we get a separate homeland (Pakistan). But I cannot ask that why did we get a separate homeland and did not attempt at living together in peace and harmony? I can’t ask questions about Quaid-e-Azam’s personal life or question my own religion. I can’t ask where babies come from since talking about sexual education is a sin (apparently!) I can’t even ask that why am I a Muslim, a question which was answered so easily by my parents and teachers… but not anymore (Answers like ‘tauba tauba!’ are usually received in response to this question these days!)


Why is it that I can’t openly talk about the religious institutions or politics? I have now been hushed by my teachers and my colleagues when I raise such points. They believe (as I have been told) that when you question these things, including your own religion, you are actually either criticizing it or you are an atheist. Questions which were answered with a smile, are now responded with ‘tauba tauba! Yeh puchne ki jurrat bhi kaise hue tumhari? Maafi maango!” (How dare you ask such a question? Ask for forgiveness now)


But isn’t it better to question something and clear your doubts rather than just accepting what has been instilled into you or what you see on television? Since when did we start categorizing queries as ‘what to ask’ and ‘what not to ask’? I understand that an appropriate time and place is required but then again… If they don’t want to answer, they won’t.

In my opinion, this shows rigidity in our concepts. Either we are too afraid to answer that it may raise more questions or we are not sure of the answers ourselves. We have started believing things that are shown to us and don’t use our own thinking to critically analyze our situation. We have either started taking decisions from our heart only or we get way too excited about something that has just happened or occurred.

We have limited ourselves to information that is acceptable to US and US only. We do not take in regard the opinions of others and have become intolerant towards those issues which WE don’t accept.

We want everybody to see the world as we see it. No questions asked. Literally!

So all those out there who think that they think a lot and have questions, ASK them! And those who do not have answers don’t discourage the ones who are looking for it. Instead of not questioning things and merely believing in everything that you only see, analyze every dimension and then come up with a solution of your own. Others may not necessarily agree with you but keep on ASKING.

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