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8 reasons why I shall never vote for Imran Khan again………………..

When Imran Khan waved to more than one hundred thousand supporters spread across Minar-i-Pakistan in Lahore on 30th October 2011, millions in Pakistan breathed a sigh of relief. For those who knew Khan, their eyes beheld a messiah who had risen from political obscurity to provide a battered Pakistan, a new start. Since Imran’s past and present were free from blotches of financial embezzlement, Pakistan’s silent majority (consisting mainly of the youth and women) were at his beck and call. I myself voted for Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf in 2013 General Elections, and have been lamenting ever since. Here are ten reasons why I would never repeat the same mistake of voting for Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf:-

1. Imran lacks vision to govern the country

Time and again, Imran has vowed to rid Pakistan from the menace of terrorism and extremism the country is entwined in. After ridiculing every other proposition that calls for action against those who butcher Muslims by the thousands, Imran offers his silly way forward; negotiations with banned organizations! The terrorists gained ground and advantage from the time allotted to them via negotiations and attacked Karachi airport, causing immense loss to Pakistan’s integrity and sovereignty.

2. Because 1992 World Cup victory as well as Shaukat Khanum do not necessarily transpire into political acumen!

Yes, Imran brilliantly led his cricket team to a glorious win in 1992. His philanthropic services in the form of Shaukat Khanum Cancer hospital is for the world to see and Pakistanis (especially the destitute) owe him a great deal for his charitable gesture. However, that does not necessarily mean that the man is fit to govern a country such as Pakistan. Should we then also include Abdul Sattar Edhi and Adeeb Rizvi as viable candidates for the Prime Minister slot?

3. Under Imran’s reign, Pakistan is likely to suffer from international isolation!

Imran’s policies and statements are often inflammatory in nature against policies of the Western states. The man must realize that the United States is a global superpower and must be dealt in accordance. The art of diplomacy is one Mr.Khan should school himself in, perhaps by none other than his vice-chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi, who was famous for being quite chummy with Hillary Clinton!

4. Imran’s policies are bound to hamper economic growth and prosperity

He lacks diplomacy and has failed to restore law and order in KPK. Need I say more?

5. He’s talked the talk plenty; it’s now time to walk the walk!

Enough of the promises Imran! Demonstrate to us that you can provide the people of KPK with good governance instead of slamming other politicians each and every other day. Every day Imran wastes criticizing PML-N and Mian Nawaz Sharif, our PM is putting in concerted efforts to revive Pakistan’s economy and resolve the energy crisis. Wake up and smell the coffee Imran!

6. Imran Khan or U-turn Khan?

Whatever happened to chairman Khan’s promise of civil disobedience against the government? After tying the knot with journalist Reham Khan, the cricketer-turned-politician paid his bills quite timidly! Imran Khan or U-turn Khan, the decision rests with you!

7. Javed Hashmi: From Baaghi to Daaghi

Ever since Hashmi had quit PML-N and joined PTI, Imran couldn’t help but boast of the ex-PML-N stalwart’s mettle as a politician. However, ever since Hashmi parted ways with PTI after publicly slamming Imran in a press conference, he has been referred to as Daaghi by PTI supporters and leaders. And to think Khan valued those who spoke the truth publicly! We’re all waiting for a rebuttal Mr.Khan, something you chose to avoid rather than provide……

8. Because at the moment, Pakistan does not require his adventurism! 

According to IMF, World Bank and recent articles in The Economist, the Nawaz administration has uplifted Pakistan’s economy and rescued it from it’s dismal state. However, the PTI chairman does not desist from launching protests and campaigns in his bid to unseat Mr.Sharif from his post. Let the man be Imran; he’s doing good for the country.

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