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The Whole Calendar is Black! – Part 1

The barbaric incident of Karachi bus attack by terrorists who opened gunfire on a bus with majority passengers belonging to Ismaili community leaving 43 dead and several injured is really tragic. The 13th of May will be marked as one of the ‘Black Days’ in Pakistan’s Chronological Calender. But wait. The story does not end here. What ‘next’ date should be marked as ‘black’ as there is 16th of December marking the ‘Slaughtering’ of 140 plus innocent Kids of APS Peshawar including some school staff as well?

Every morning when you see a calendar for day and date, somewhere in some corner of Pakistan there is ‘blood’ pouring on streets and in schools. There is a blast, target killing and the most brutal mass murdering be it massacre of innocent Children of APS Peshawar, kidnapping and killing of Army men and then playing with their heads like football, ethnic killings in the name of ‘indoctrinated’ version of Islam, burning and killing of minorities and their towns under the label of ‘Blasphemy’ etc. Sadly the list is unending!

Every day is now becoming a BLACK DAY in the Calendar of Pakistan. Each date in the ‘Pakistani Calendar’ is ‘Anniversary day’ of Martyrs. Martyrs of Independence, those who sacrificed their lives for this holy Motherland, Martyrs of Pakistan Army, Martyrs of War on Terror and a recent ‘new’ addition of ‘APS Martyrs’!

Now the question is how as a Nation we ‘react’? There are different ‘types of reactions’ by different ‘categories’ of ‘Muhib e Watan’ Pakistanis!

1. Politicians condemn with ‘Style’, JITs and Committees are formed and then forgotten with passage of time. As rightly said by Gen. (R) Pervez Musharraf, I will write the quote in Roman Urdu as the charm which is in this language cannot be found in English words:

“Mulk main Masaeel (Problems) kay Andun (Eggs) par Commetyun (Committees) ki Murghi(Hen) bitha di jati hai”

2. The Public opinion is biased. Their views are ethnic and sectarian based followed by blame on Pakistan Army!

3. The Youth and those who can use modern technological gadgets turn to social media to express their anxiety, anger and frustration. DPs (Display Picture) are turned Black, Hashtags and Trends are made and that’s it!

4. The Media create hypes by following the trend of ‘Breaking News’, TRPs etc! In seconds the Red News tickers flashes with ‘how many died’, ‘when, why and where died’, who condemned in which dress and whether he/she came by Tanga, bicycle, bike or Car etc. Then the colours of Tickers are changed to blue, green, yellow etc with some other Masala News.

5. And Yes not to miss this category of ‘liberals’ and ‘civil society’, human rights activists and NGOs better known as ‘Moom Batti (Candle)Mafia’, who have ‘selective’ approach towards ‘selective’ incidents based on ‘selective interests’!

One wonders where is Pakistan in above mentioned categories? We see flags of different political and religious parties, of banned outfits with ‘emotional’ wordings and slogans, posters of political and religious leaders but where is flag of Pakistan? Where is the Poster of Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammed Ali Jinnah and where are the slogans of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’, Pakistan Paendabad, ‘Pakistan First’ and Pak Foj Zindabad? How to counter with terrorism?It was only Gen (R) Pervez Musharraf who with the Vision of Quaid e Azam and Mission of ‘Terror-free’ developed Pakistan and with the slogan of ‘Pakistan First’ started operation against terrorists, AlQaeda and Taliban, separatists and RAW Agents to save this Motherland. Unfortunately no one supported him at that time when the ‘cancer’ was in its early stage! And the Result is: We have 16 December,13 May and many other Black days to be marked on already Black Calender!

(To be continued)

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