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Though the pain pours out, I am steadfast!

I felt the pain on the day of APS attack; I felt the pain the day churches were bombed, I felt the pain when the Bohris were targeted, I felt this pain when the temples were torched, I felt the pain when Quetta was aggrieved one after another and I feel it today… the series of the agonizing brutalities have left all distraught and shattered. And though the agony has numbed my soul; it still cries out to know if there would be an end to it, if there ever would be peace enough to be able to breathe freely and if only time would be adequate to heal the scars.

Neither the repetitive attacks of violence by perpetrators represent a community or a sect but a fatally ill mindset, nor the ones being victimized belong to just a sect or community but are humans. The atrocities are against humans, and the lives are being price-tagged with absolute zero value.

No… I have never come across any religion that preaches manslaughter, massacre or genocide!

But yes, they preach about morals, they teach about accepting and respecting others as humans regardless of what religion, race, color and sect they have, they train about being kind and generous and they educate about simple principles of forbearing and fundamentals of ethics that are required to live life as ‘God wants us to’. No points for guessing the ‘God’ here; you don’t have to. Our perception of God doesn’t and should not affect the fact that we are humans. Simple, plain humans. And that is more painful because it is being given no value what so ever.

Losing my loved one because of an illness is acceptable; I know I was losing them any ways. Losing my loved one because of a natural calamity is still fine; who had any control in any case. But then losing my loved one due to a completely irrational, gruesome, incurable and acrimonious cynicism of a faction, who are also humans, is neither acceptable nor satisfying in any of its form.

Nevertheless, I vow to not become bitter and hostile and continue being a human before I am from a sect, religion or creed. I pledge to continue to live peacefully with people of my country, who just like me don’t care for my past or my background. I promise to continue working for the betterment of the society I live in, that comprises of people of different faith and is indifferent to their differences, rather acknowledges that being different is indeed exquisite. And I assure that I would continue loving people of my country for the beautiful humans they are and because I am a human. And because being humane is the most enchanting and divine quality that I have ever known.

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