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Why Pakistan?

Arab Royals

A: ‘Feeling bored ! lets go for hunting’

only one place comes to their mind Pakistan. Took a flight, lands in Karachi.

B: ‘Where is the permit?’

A ‘Don’t Worry, we are Royals’.

With all the official security Royals in SUVs on the way to Baluchistan.

B: ‘love to kill the houbora bastard, (to local) count it if you can loser

local: ‘Its National Park, hunting not allowed here’.

A ‘What? Don’t u know we are Royals, security take him away’.

European hunters

A: ‘Feeling bored! Lets go for hunting’.

B: ‘Where?’

A: ‘ummm poor country poor country poor country ahaah Pakistan. Show them the money, get a permit and hunt countless ibex and markhors up in the north no one ask, all losers there’. (Laughing)


A: ‘Feeling bored! lets go for hunting’.

B ‘where?’

A ‘ wanna use drones or agents on the field?

B ‘I know you talking about Pakistan’.

A: ‘Offcource mate, Select 1

B: lets play with drones

Target Killers

A: ‘Feeling Bored! lets go for hunting’

B: ‘Who’s next on the list?’

A: ‘Human Right Activist’

B: ‘Who is she?’

A: ‘I don’t know. Will check in news after her soul departure’

B: ‘Well ! Easy task, looser don’t have any security’

A: ‘OK you go alone than’

B: ‘ no way! you have to ride the bike and I will do the rest from the back’

Baloch Insurgents

A: ‘Feeling bored! lets go for hunting’

B: ‘Nah ! Lets just plant a bomb’

A: ‘OK! how about sui gas pipelines?

B: ‘Perfect’

Pakistan – A Hunting Ground for the World.

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