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Promoting Baluchistan

Successful on-going operation Zarb-e-Uzb has unearthed the terrorists from their safe heavens in FATA. No place to hide, on the run and become the target – this is what left for them there. Crushing them at their place has damaged the game plan of their foreign handlers.

The visit of Chinese premier to Pakistan and the signing of billions of dollar deals is the next big thing that has sparked the greater worry for the enemy who don’t want to see Pakistan prospering.  Pak-China Economic Corridor and the operations of Gawadar Port are the most important deals that will transform the region and will redefine the power house of the future. China’s access to Gawadar port through Pakistan will change the track of trade to Central Asia and will put China on a great advantage and Pakistan on the flight to prosperity that is a worry to India. Baluchistan, having Gawadar Port, is the focus of all the deals and one can’t imagine these deals without Baluchistan.

India just doesn’t want it to become reality. Hand in hand with rest of our enemies and its strategic partners, India is active again to create further disturbance, insecurity and uncertainty in the restive province of Baluchistan to keep China away from investing in. Series of incidents like killing of 20 laborers at the dam site, organizing sessions like “UnSilencing Baluchistan” in LUMS Lahore (barred for doing it) than in T2F Karachi in the name of human rights, then killing the organizer Ms Sabeen Mahmud to gets the media coverage to highlight the issue and put the blame of the Pakistan’s secret agency to make the province and authorities more controversial in the eyes of the investors.

In the wake of these attacks and the blame game that took place in relation to Baluchistan issue to distract China, what Pakistan should do to counter?

Pakistan has already announced to establish a separate special unit of Army that would secure Chinese workers working on Pakistani soil that’s a very good first step.

Pakistan should also expand Zarb-e-Uzb to Baluchistan to bring peace and stability in the province which would create conducive environment for investors particularly Chinese to explore more venues of investment in the province. It will give relief to the locals as well.

As Separatist Baloch Leaders, living in exile, with the help of our enemy are organizing regular sessions and seminars across Europe and in UK to gain sympathy and support. To counter it Pakistan should promote patriotic Balochs locally and internationally. Pakistan should set up a team of patriotic Balochs or members of Baluchistan assembly and send them to different forums of the world to show the other and real picture of the province and expose the mala fide intentions of those Baloch leaders.

Pakistan should increase vigilance at the borders of Baluchistan neighboring Afghanistan and Iran. Terrorists getting training there are crossing borders to create further problems in Pakistan’s restive province.  Greater vigilance will also reduce arms and ammunition supply to terrorists in the province.

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