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#Respect Musharraf even if you are not his ‘Twitter Jehadi’!

“I have always believed in the independence of media. And it was this belief and conviction that made me open out; take the decision of opening out the media, electronic media specially and allowing freedom to print media”

Gen(R) Pervez Musharraf deserves the credit of Independent media that provided and is still providing innumerable job opportunities to masses. But equally it is important that media should be responsible as said by The General in these words:

“With the independence of media, responsibility must go hand in hand. Responsibility must be shown by media towards national interests.”

With Responsibility, Professionalism is also the top rule with which Media portray the society in the world. This means its staff like news presenter and anchors must be professionally skilled with ethics and etiquettes so that both the image of the Channel and individual is positive for the viewers.

There are very few Media houses with Professionalism as their foremost priority and rule. Ironically, there are many sprouting channels these days where anchors lack moral values to properly conduct the interviews of different personalities. Their Hatred towards specific personality is reflected in their behavior during the interview which is extremely bad and immoral.

One such example is the recent interview of Gen. (R) Pervez Musharraf that was unprofessionally conducted by an anchor of a private channel where he misbehaved during the interview. He put a question before The General and interrupted him when he was answering it. The General politely asked him to listen to him first as he was answering his question. But the anchor didn’t listened to him and was continuously nagging him with lame words like ‘I have the liberty to ask question’ & ‘I will not be justifying my audience if I will not ask’ etc that naturally irked The General as the anchor was crossing the limits of mannerism. The General then taught him a lesson of lifetime that is enough for him if he wants to groom his journalist career. The coward kid then turned to social media where he labeled The General as ‘dictator’ and that he was bullied by him! What a shameless allegation he made ignoring his own behaviour and falsely pointing to The General, who despite the anchor’s stupidity completed the interview by answering all the questions intellectually. And when shown to poor silly kid his real face he had no option other than to Retweeting the few less than 10 tweets in his favour. In a failed attempt to present himself ‘good’ he even Retweeted the anti tweets that bashed him for his misbehviour.

The question arises that why the hell you take his interview when you dislike The General? You ‘preach’ professionalism but ignore the ethics when interviewing the Chief of Armed forces of Pakistan who fought and served this nation for more than 40 years! He who did so much for this country and led this nation with success for nearly a decade, can he tolerate such misbehaviour? And when defending The General with facts by his supporters such poorly trained unprofessional anchors termed them with the label of ‘Twitter Jehadi’! Remember respect of Gen. (R) Pervez Musharraf is mandatory to all of you even if you are not his ‘Twitter Jehadi’ as it is he who lives and breathes Pakistan! He is Hero of Pakistan Army, the legendary Ghazi and a fearless Commando Soldier whose bravery is even applauded by the Chief of the enemy land!

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