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One Azaan, One Namaz… One Nation; Insha-Allah

One of the very first few things I felt in Al-Ain, UAE after leaving Pakistan for the first time back in 2008 was observing unified Azaan at one single time all over the city. Coming from a typical Pakistani background; this was an awesome experience for me. At the call of prayer time, Azaan was aired from all Masjids in a synchronized manner giving a single voice with a very positive impression on the listeners. “Ahh Kash this could be implemented in Pakistan sometime”, I had always wished…Now the announcement of uniform Azaan and prayer timings from Friday 1st May, 2015 in Federal Capital Islamabad have created an enthralling impact upon the masses who always wanted to link themselves in threads of unity.

What’s long been happening in Pakistan is the self maintained schedule of Azaan and Prayer timings from the various sects and Masjids. People often feel concerned about the validity of these practices. In Karachi, I have personally observed Azaans continuing for around half an hour; voices arising from different Masjids in the vicinity one after the other. In such situation, while a person is observing prayers; Azaan is still heard from other Masjids. Voice of Azaans mixing within each other is also witnessed as one Mozin is beginning the call of prayer while the others are somewhere in the middle and end. A person’s reply to Azaan is also often bothered in the process.

In the similar manner, the timings of Jama’at also differ from one Masjid to the other. For instance Juma prayers between two different Masjids are distinguished as 2 bajay wali Masjid and 3 bajay wali Masjid etc etc. It’s often seen people running towards other Masjids after missing Juma prayer from nearby Masjid.

The unanimity of Azaan and Prayer timings will surely go a long way, Insha-Allah. At the first place, this will promote unity among various segments of society by removing one element of conflict/difference. The confused state of mind in the Azaan time (extending upto ½ hour) of Azaan will no longer exist and people will be able to feel and absorb the essence/intent of Azaan much more. Uniform Namaz timing will invoke punctuality within the public as they will no longer have relaxation to delay their Prayers.

This great decision is planned to be extended all over the country in near future in a good will to unite our nation. Seeing this in Middle East, I am very sure the positive effects will be enormous for Pakistan. Automated Syncronise Azaan may well be the next step which will further enhance unification. The acts of unity to be extended far fetched with the passage of time. In future, we hope that hate spread from some Masjids towards other sects will also be controlled and government must try to promote points of common interests between various religious segments. The Badmazgi of 2 EIDs should also be finished forever from this year. May Allah give courage to the people in power and infinite Barakat to those who are trying to lift Pakistan nation in these trying times…

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