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Beyond the oasis

Every year I write an article to commemorate the political organization I have for so long, identified for myself but unlike the past few years where I was all praise in my awestruck fandom, today is a bit different with all the various qualms accumulated, which is ridiculously sad because really who cares what an 18 year old has to say, anyhow..

Today marks the day, 19 years ago, when Imran Khan first laid grounds for his political organization, Pakistan tehreek e Insaf. For years, very few knew about it and those who did took it lightly until that eventful day in October’11 when everything changed. The ‘tsunami’ sweeped in and we were led to believe the day of deliverance from the wicked status quo was near.

And for a long while I was hooked and probably still am, because I stringently believe in the ideology it brought forth, of justice, humanity and self-esteem much the same way I still believe in the honesty and impeccably clean chit granted to Imran Khan when it comes to financial standing. And what still leads me on is the fact that I can never even for a second believe that this immensely patriotic legend will betray us.

But there are times, just as there are occasions where I’m forced to bang my head against the wall and question decisions that this party makes. For I believe if you truly love someone, you question and reprimand them and bring them back onto the straight path.

And I say this with a heavy heart, that I have been greatly disappointed for a while. And I ask myself as should each one of us.

Where is the inexperienced party leadership so often mocked and ostracized for being impractical and naive?

Where is the idealism that rivals assumed was foolish but attracted hundreds and thousands?

Where is the Imran Khan who was dictatorial alright, but still always ears to the democrats in the party and not necessarily the old guns with massive political experience?

Where is the educated youth of the party that was acclaimed and posturized for sophistication and decency, and almost always set a viable new trend worthy of praise?

Where are the people free of abuse, downright honest and ideologically mesmerized by the conception of justice and equality?

As a member of the Pakistani youth with probably a greater emotional stake in this party than many, I ask the bearers of this party, do you fit the criteria set by the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf in 1996?

I know for a fact that this criteria has changed but for me and as many other hard core ‘insafians’, the criteria is still the same. Be a misfit but not a regular man with the same qualities as those ‘politicians’ posed before because really if we wanted their experience and ‘wisdom’, we’d never in the first place look for an alternative.

To PTI and Imran Khan, the legacy that you have brought is strong and for you to slash compromises within it, is a sorry excuse for the ‘tabdeeli’ you have widely demonstrated. Be strong and foolish in an idealistic manner so we can once again embrace that inexperienced politician driven by dreams and passion and not by the mere number of seats in the parliament or the hard felt big names in the party hierarchy. But only as the orchestra of change, the simmering delight of all.

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