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Fastest way to die is to live a lie

It’s about time Pakistanis stop living a lie and learn to embrace the bitter reality .We should stop claiming how we are the best in this field when in fact, we are actually nowhere. The world is on the brink of great technological discoveries and breaking grounds daily with achievements such as the exploration of Mars whilst we are lagging behind since 50 years. An obsolete and outdated state of self actualization does not suit us. Here are some logical reasons and facts which tend to show a little different side of things and help us to see things differently.

A nuclear power without electricity

Pakistan is a nuclear armed nation with an estimated 120 nuclear warheads , but unfortunately no electric power to ensure our economy benefits from the production of nuclear energy. Today we are facing an estimated 4700 MW shortfall and what’s worst, the summer season has just begun!

Pakistan is believed to be an agricultural country when in reality, we are a poverty-stricken nation

You will chance upon this myth everywhere, be it our text books or social websites narrating stories of a lavish and green Pakistan. The reality however, is that many children have died as a result of malnutrition in Thar. I also place blame on the local political leadership of Sindh for taking too long to provide food for people. But is it not enough to stop believing that we are an agricultural country as we are insufficient in food and we have to import some food items from adjoining countries? There is a 40 % per acre yield gap between Pakistan and neighboring countries like India, as well as other poor countries.

The world’s best irrigation infrastructure without water

Another common misperception is that Pakistan has the world’s best canal and irrigation system (thanks to English Imperialists of Sub continent). But now we are a country which has water in scarce amounts. Our water reservoirs are better only than Sudan and Ethiopia. Except natural prolonged drought, grave negligence in mismanagement of water resources occurs consistently. It’s an eye opener otherwise the deserts of Pakistan will spread to our cities.

“World champions” Pakistan

It is always portrayed and conveyed that Pakistan is one of the best countries as far as sports and games are concerned. That we are ‘shaheens’ and ‘champions’. But the matter of fact remains that till now we have secured only 10 medals in Olympics (even less than those of Phelps in a single Olympic). FIFA ranks Pakistan at 172 among the football playing nations of the world. As far as the sport of cricket is concerned, we are lagging behind. Considering Hockey, our lack of funds have made it almost impossible to continue training camps.

Pakistan has produced shooting stars

It is always propagated that Pakistan has always produced shining people in every field. It is home to talented people like Arfa Karim, Ali Moeen Nawazish and others. It’s commendable that such geniuses belong to our country but producing only one Physics noble prize winner in a total of 68 years, does not support our claim to be producing intellectual minds. Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world, with only one university of ours included in the top 500 universities of the world.

High peaks but no tourists

It is always said that we have the 2nd highest mountain peak in the world (a simple gift of nature, nothing we should take credit for). Except for K-2, we have been blessed with many other peaks as well. We have failed to attract tourists to such mountainous peaks.


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