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When Pakistan was silently bleeding!

“As far as General Musharraf is concerned, I would like to put it in two ways. One, as a military commander, I would commend Gen Musharraf for coming 11 km (inside Indian Territory) to stay with his troops for a night. It is the courage of a military commander that he came so far knowing that there was danger.”

“Second, what was happening on our side you all know and facts are before you. Why did we allow him to go? Why did we allow them to enter? I would only say that there was some mistake, which need to be rectified.”

VK Singh (Indian Army Chief: 2010-2012)

These comments were made in the enemy land, whose memory is still haunted by Kargil War! They had to accept their mistakes, their negligence and commend his bravery.

Now have a look at what Pakistan did with him.
It was 18th April 2013, when Gen. (R) Pervez Musharraf appeared in Islamabad High Court in Judges Sacking and Detention case. His interim Bail was cancelled and Arrest Orders were issued. This was followed by his appearance in district court the next morning, April 19th, where formal arrest took place and he was then taken to Police HeadQuarter where he was kept overnight in Officer’s mess room. The next day his farmhouse was declared Sub-Jail.

The General who spent night with his troops 11 km inside enemy’s territory now had to spend night in Police custody. Ah! Sad to write this all. This is how we treat our heroes. He who is a Visionary leader, an intellect, brave Statesman and above all the Great Commando, the Warrior who fought two Indo-Pak Wars of 1965 and 1971 and is a Ghazi was treated this way by his very own Nation.

This did not stop at this. I read these lines in Newspaper:

“…It was a quite Sunday… People mind their own business here”

This reflected how this Thankless Nation ‘reacted’ to the arrest of the Soldier of Motherland who guarded and defended them for more than 40 years. And when as Head of States, it was in his era that Pakistan was in next-11 countries. “Development of State and Welfare of its people”, his famous words, was his Mission and Vision.

His morale was high. According to the senior medical officer Adiala Jail, Dr Asif Butt after regular check-up said to media:

“He’s in good health. He is eating well. His blood pressure is fine and his mode and confidence is that of a commando.”

For him, he never feared arrest. He knew before returning to Pakistan that myriad of politically vindictive cases awaited him. Security was another big issue but still he took the risk and came back on 24th March 2013. In a Press Conference in Dubai he said:

“I don’t fear arrest and court cases and have decided in principal to return to Pakistan. I am a risk taker. I am taking it for Pakistan”

The General gave to this country but never take anything. The Warrior fought for this Nation and still breathes Pakistan.The Nation was quiet but Pakistan was silently bleeding…as its soldier was arrested.

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