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One person can change the world

The purpose of this blog is to felicitate and pay tribute to Mohmand Agency’s valiant, talented and hardworking people by one of their own. Mohmand agency is also known as ‘The City of Marbles’ is spread over an area of 2297 km^2. As per a census conducted in 2011, the city’s population amounts to 600,000 people. All residents of Mohmand agency are divided into different clans who are named after their forefathers. Dawizai, Baizai, Halimzai, Khwaizai, Babazai, Tarakzai, Safi and Utman Khel are counted amongst the most respected and integral tribes of Mohmand Agency. The Safis, because of their association with Mohmand Agency, are also called Safi Mohmands but actually they are not Mohmand in legacy. The denizens of Mohmand Agency are famous for their bravery and valor. Their central role in the Kashmir Jihad of 1948 cannot be forgotten as well as their struggle against the Britishers.

In the last few decades or so, little to no attention has been provided to Mohmand Agency by successive governments and their predecessors. All political representatives of Mohmand Agency were corrupt, hence this impeded progress and development of the area as compared to the other parts of Pakistan. It won’t be fair to blame the administration alone for being financially corrupt but it should also be kept in mind that some tribal leaders were also insincere. A local leader by the name of Malakan had granted lots of outsiders domiciles in exchange for monetary benefits. Due to this, the number of residents hailing from Mohmand Agency reduced from secondary and post secondary institutes. Just a couple of days back, I came to know from news that some PDMA officials were arrested by NAB on the charge of embezzling Rs 50 million from Mohmand Agency’s IDP funds.

Anyways, these horrendous news have become a part of the past now. Currently, the residents of Mohmand agency are quite optimistic about the future because of our new political agent Waqar Ali Khan. I’ll admit I know quite a little about the man but he seems to be a ray of light for us, at a time when we are surrounded by darkness.

Waqar Ali Khan is probably the only political agent who has emerged from our territory, who seems to care for Mohmand Agency similar to the way a man cares for his own house. Waqar is aware of the problems that are being faced by Mohmand Agency and he has devised strategies to counter them and provide a solution. I’d like to point out some of the work he has done and outline some of his accomplishments.

Due to his arrival in Mohmand agency, for the very first time in the history of FATA, Pakistan Day was celebrated in a very enthusiastic manner to promote patriotism among the people. During last year’s March, a sports gala was started which included 40 different games i.e. kabadi, wrestling, dog race and cattle show. Crowds in huge numbers attended the closing ceremony with political agent Waqar Ali and high ranking civil and military officers present on the occasion.

He has arranged a special tour for students who belong to the government sector in order to increase their general knowledge and exposure.

One of the main sources in tribal areas for the locals to remain in touch with the government is through radio. And to accomplish this purpose Waqar Ali Khan has ordered the high frequency FM radio be updated. This task is expected to be concluded by the end of May.

Credit goes to his administration, as for the first time International Poetry Day was celebrated in Ghallanai. This event was attended by a lot of famous poets from Peshawer and from FATA. It was the first step to promote literature in Mohmand agency. As per my view, literature can play a very important role in promoting peace and progress.

These were the small yet much needed changes that were introduced by our political agent Waqar Ali Khan. The people of Mohmand Agency have attached great expectations from Waqar to lead our city towards prosperity and progress. May Allah provide him with strength and long life.

Sir, I always remember you in my prayers and well wishes. May God bless you!

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