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The Princess Diaries

Dear diary,

Today, Ali again left for office in an angry mood, just because of me. Due to my inedible breakfast.  The cheese omelette was tasteless and the paratha was too oily.

 He said, “Tum aik intehai pohar aurat ho, jisay itnay saalon mein  khana bnana bhi nhi aya.”

 “You are an extremely unskilled women who has not even learnt cooking in so many years ”

He was absolutely right. I don’t know what happens to me sometimes, why I can’t concentrate on my household duties. Why am I never up to the mark?

My thoughts were so much stuck at the morning’s poor performance that I forgot to wake up Ashar, Arfa and Haris for school on time.  Thank God, I wasn’t too late. I hurriedly prepared their breakfast. Served Haris his hot chocolate milk, Arfa her cereals and Ashar with his chai paratha.  Ashar is just like his father, both having the same likes and dislikes in food.  When the school van was about to arrive,  Haris came up with his  school diary in hand, with a notice, asking me to appear before the principal with an explanation for his misconduct with his one of the class mates. He begged me not to tell the bad news to his father and I promised him I wouldn’t.

Parents were allowed to visit between 10am to 12 am. Till 10:30 a.m I completed the lunch preparations, dusted the furniture, scrubbed the kitchen and washed the clothes.  At 11:15 am, I reached the school. The principal seemed to be an advanced version of my mother-in-law.  However, I promised her that my son will behave from now on.

When the children got home from school and had lunch, I took Arfa to the doctor; she was experiencing cough and sore throat since last night.  Today she was experiencing a slight fever as well. The doctor prescribed her a course of antibiotics. I told Ali about Arfa’s illness on the phone. He announced it fruition of my negligence and I conveniently took the credit.

In the evening whilst helping the children with their homework, I myself struggled with English.

I received a call from Ali when I was preparing dinner for the family. He had invited one of his old friends to dinner, who was in Karachi for a few days. I wanted Ali to postpone the invitation but decided not to display any reluctance. Without wasting any time, I got engaged in preparing dinner. Ali’s friend liked the food so much, especially the caramel custard, that he demanded the remaining custard be given to him so that he could take it home. However, Ali was unhappy as the house was not clean and tidy.

I went to bed late after doing the dishes and putting children to sleep. Ali complained that I don’t give him proper time and due care that he deserved. I promised to take care of him in a better way and apologized for my ignorance. He said, “You should” and turned his back to sleep.

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