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Bollywood is not our Identifier, Pakistan!

At times I feel utterly disgusted to just observe two well educated Pakistanis talking nonstop about Indian films. It is not that I discourage individuals to watch Bollywood movies, but just the thought of taking inspiration from such films is somewhat nauseating. Our media channels and websites have played a liable role in promoting Bollywood films that have had an immense impact on Pakistan’s culture and ideological beliefs.

Coming across freshmen Pakistani television and award shows that have nothing new to deliver but the droning Indian soundtrack from films does not quite reflect Pakistani culture and values. Watching Indian films and thinking they fit in perfectly with our culture is a common misconception we have been continually grooming for years. The only aspect of Pakistani cinema that I favor is the Lollywood films. The up and coming directors and writers of novel movies have managed to perk up the essence of Pakistan’s film industry, however, this very facet is gradually fading away as well. Thanks to Bollywood!

Furthermore, several Indian advertisements have been replicated by our not-so-innovative directors. Whether it’s a brand or a local product, our commercials are often signed up by high profile Bollywood actors and actresses to market many local Pakistani brands. And what about those Indian dramas we tend to highlight on our national channels? Does it all boil down to TRP and high ratings? Have we forgotten what are mores and values teach us?

The promotion of item number songs in our recent films has generated some controversy. Unquestionably, the cheap act of standing in front of the camera, half naked, symbolizing something we are not will certainly garner constructive criticism. These ongoing trends were not a part of Pakistan before. Moreover, there is a clear difference between addressing our own set of values and emulating someone else’s culture. We, as a nation, can do so much better than India in terms of making films and television shows. The element of music and theatrics should remain intact in our film industry, however, reproducing someone else’s work is simply unacceptable.

Can we steer away from the Bollywood culture and promote our own? Yes we can. But it requires hard work, innovation and buckets of sweat. Reproducing something that has already been made is an easy task to fulfill but creating something out of nothing demands patience. Hopefully, the Bollywood fever booming in our country will come to a drastic closure, amen that!

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