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Yemen: Not our war!

If I were to say that the Yemen Crisis is just a matter of heightened egos and immoral politics, it wouldn’t be wrong hypothetically. Yemen Crisis, out of nowhere, in just a span of two weeks, has grabbed the major portion of our attentions. Sending troops or military assistance from the Pakistani side has ballooned up into an international affair  and has grabbed everyone’s attention.

KSA does hold a status of prestige in the Muslim world; this kingdom foots the roots of Muslims. The Holy Shrines and Kaba’ah are worth dying for. Now when it is being believed that KSA’s sovereignty is threatened, fear of intrusion is disturbing us really bad. Have the Houthis taken the Kaba’ah hostage or demolished buildings, creating pillars of dead bodies in Saudi Arabia? Only a certain blind would state NO.

KSA is unnecessarily worried about a conflict which is thousands of miles away from its borders. Is KSA’s defense line made of glass that would crack through mere apprehensions or is this attention seeking? Be it either, I doubt Saudi sanctity for the worth it holds. For once, I thought, that KSA would care for the Muslim world by not barging in a definite line between Shia and Sunni Muslims. For once, I really hoped that someone would rise up and clearly state the Saudi policy as wrong. For thousands of times, I contended believing in the idea that Muslims cannot kill Muslims because this is what is happening. And for the millionth time, I have reiterated the fact that Yemen crisis is internal but not between Yemen and KSA. Rather, KSA’s obsession on being a holy cow is shadowing us all.

An aberration in KSA: they invite Muslims despite differences, for Hajj but they are ready to kill Muslims by the hundreds just because of a few differences. This anomaly would greatly damage the sanctity of our ‘worthy holy’ land, I believe. Now if still Pakistan considers continuation of this distorted reality, I seriously doubt our capacity to think. For protection of holy places, Pakistan has already provided its troops since long. Or if such is the situation at hand, then all Muslim countries must jointly come forward and resolve this crisis. But if it is to protect KSA or a state or its government, then this is all going from personal to national.

KSA also did a cunning trick by infusing the media with press releases and reports claiming all deals had been done. Saudi Press Agency flooded the news that Pakistan had decided to step in, when truth be told, Pakistan hadn’t even made the decision yet. Wake up, Pakistanis!!! A NO for the first time could serve a milestone for future!

To conclude, hats off to KSA for projecting a very personal issue as a manipulated reality. KSA would get the due support either way but interfering in somebody else’s war won’t serve our own purpose. KSA wants hegemony, sure you would get it.  Just look at Syria and now Yemen. The Middle East isn’t a territory to mess with but I believe Pakistan has already jumbled up the situation at hand.

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