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PML-N, Thank you for wasting our time

The ruling party as they so horribly call it decided to summon a joint session of the both houses of the parliament; the national assembly and senate to evolve a national consensus on the country’s role in Yemen (read: get back on PTI for 126 days of anti-government protests).

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When the session started, the PML-N parliamentarians decided it was time to welcome their old fellas back into the assembly by tapping tables and chanting slogans. The very parliamentarians that did not feel it was safe to sleep in their own houses a few months back when PTI led the Azaadi March to Islamabad. The very MNAs that feared going out in public to avoid similar cantillations back in August 2014. Look at how the tables have turned. Democracy really is the best revenge. But the question remains… Was this really revenge time?

When the joint session was announced last Thursday, I don’t remember the agenda set being PTI’s resignations. And after months of on and off negotiations when Tehrik-e-Insaaf had finally on the persuasion of Ishaq Dar decided to return to the assembly after the judicial commission was agreed upon why did the government members have to mock them about it? What besides sheer hypocrisy is this?

Oh and Khawaja Asif, three words: That was shallow! You for one have been part of the government’s negotiating team. You have yourself met up with the PTI members to try and convince them to return to the assemblies. And there you stand in the parliament shamelessly taunting Imran Khan over his presence in the house. I always thought there was a limit to hypocrisy and duplicity. I always felt pretence and lies restrained at some point. Thank you for proving me wrong.

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PTI lawmakers rapped by Khwaja Asif in NA by arynews
Aitazaz Ahsan on the other hand was absolutely brilliant today. Like always. The right stuff said at the right time in the right way. Democracy in Pakistan owes him much already. More power to him.

Aitzaz finds nothing concrete in Asif’s policy… by arynews
Imran Khan? Even though he has had enough for a day. I would still like to point out that returning to the parliament was not one of the best decisions he has made as a politician. Also, whilst criticizing the defense minister over the language he used during the session I noticed the argument, however valid, did not carry the impact it should. Seven months on, his container speeches are coming back to haunt him.

Although you must appreciate the restraint he displayed in the assembly when the MQM and PML-N members were mocking him. And even though at the moment it seemed like caving in, it was the right thing to do. Even the slightest of resistance could have sparked a new blaze. He avoided it and we must appreciate him for that.

Fazul Ur Rehman? I am not even going to comment on this one. He has done enough to embarrass himself over his volatile political career.

With Farooq Sattar it was totally understandable. NA-246 all the way. On a lighter note though, it’s like MQM put up a display of how much they don’t care about the Yemen crisis and that they only went down there for their ‘mauka’.

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The joint session in a sentence? Pelting stones from a house of glass.

PML-N, history will honor you for your incompetence. Thank you for that non-existent productive debate on Pakistan’s role in the middle east.

It was a pleasure to have our time wasted by you!

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