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Involvement of Pakistan in the Yemen conflict

While some of us are trying our utmost to give an intelligible touch to statements of officials, others have forecasted a great deal of things regarding the possibility of Pakistan being involved in the Yemen conflict. However, regardless of what time will reveal, the government needs to address issues and the reservations of the people who have been recently vehement in disapproving Pakistan’s prospective involvement in Yemen. The reasons for which, are narrated here.

In Post 9/11 2001, when Pakistan was the hapless victim of a dictatorship, allegiance was pledged to the War On Terror, in complete disregard to the people’s will. Disregarding the repercussions here, the main issue was that this pledge faced a lot of opposition. Back then, we could not complain, nor could we express freely. But today, because Pakistan is what it claims to be a Democratic Islamic Republic, the will of the people and the representatives (Political Parties) need to be regarded because today there is no dictatorship and this issue is of paramount importance; The government needs to form a consensus over their future plan of action, something which hasn’t been substantiated so far.

One major thing that needs to be considered is this driving question; Is Saudi Arabia, arguably the country with the most autocratic rule today, really fighting to ‘help restore true democracy’ in Yemen? Merely this question leaves one startled (except some people upon whom rejection to almost all things is an obligation). Why would Pakistan, commit itself to a Monarchy’s fight of restoring democracy in a country which is far flung from Pakistan.

It is a deplorable fact that minorities in Pakistan have not been extended their rights under the constitution; it is also a fact that we have witnessed sectarian tensions recently. Because this war is being portrayed as a sectarian conflict, committing to this war would adversely affect Pakistan internally. Moreover, Pakistan being called a nation who pokes it’s nose into everyone’s business but minding it’s own is the last thing any Pakistani would want it to be called. Therefore, it should be recognized that Pakistan has issues of its own, internally, which need to be dealt with first and this would be a good and a sensible excuse, as well.

Operation Decisive Storm, being led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which’s defense budget alone makes ours look like a cheap replica watch compared to an original one, has enough resources to achieve their goals. Hence, Pakistan’s inclusion as an ally of the coalition is unnecessary.

Also, this would not only strain our relations with China, a partner on all folds, but would, to an extent reverse the progress made by the Military in combating terrorism, as the terrorists have been called ‘weak’ by the military spokespersons. This commitment would allow them to grow back.

But, it is sad to read and see everywhere that the Sharifs are indebted to the Saudis because of the favours the Saudis did to them and this increases the possibility of the Sharifs repaying their own debts through us.

One can only hope that this eagerness hinted by the government to run into this deep pit of despair ends and the focus turns to our internal wars against Terrorism, Poverty, hunger and countless other things.


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