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The Extremist Ideology‏

It has been more than two decades since Pakistan is suffering from the cancer of extremism. Our schools, churches, imam bargahs, mosques had been attack and the scars leftover cannot be healed. Only those who lost their loved ones can feel the real pain. Pakistani blood sheds and like good human beings, everybody from top political leaders to normal citizens comes up with condemnation in strongest words and express solidarity with the victims. This is encouraged as this proves that humanity still prevails in our society.

But why do terrorists gets another chance and wins every time? Another greater question is, what steps have we taken to destabilize the terrorists? The zarb-e-azb operation is commended and I believe Our Army is doing a great job in eliminating the terrorists from northern areas. But after the Peshawar School attack on the Army run school, We saw the Taliban won again when they brutally massacred innocent souls and claiming revenge for the ongoing army operation. We saw Taliban is still in their full strength. Most recent attack on two churches in Youhannabad, Lahore is yet another example that Taliban terrorists are getting stronger and stronger as time passes. It is with great regret I have to say that We are unable to defeat Terrorism even after more than two decades. Our usual response to terrorism is “condemn and forget”. Where are we weak? Do we actually reject terrorism? Are the extremists too many in numbers? Maybe a large number of our people are still silently supporting Terrorism?…

Maybe YOU are a supporter of terrorism. You might not be supporting those men with big machine guns and long beards calling themselves Taliban or Alqaeda or whatever. But Maybe you are supporting their mindset and their ideology.

Ask some questions to yourselves:

1. Do you demand the release of suspected terrorist Aafia siddiqui?

2. Do you support discrimination among minority sects like shia and ahamadis?

3. Do you want “your version” of Islamic law in Pakistan?

4. Do your local imams of mosque openly condemn terrorists by name? if not did you ask them to do?

6. Do you think we should break all relations with the USA?

7. Did you try you best proselytizing your religion to non muslim class mates in your schools?

8. Do you support the act of Mumtaz Qadri?

If most of your answers are yes, then you may be supporting the “Extremist Ideology” as this is exactly what Extremist wants to achieve.

There is no way we can defeat terrorism if we can’t kill the extremist ideology from our minds. You may not agree with the actions of these terrorists, but you are agreeing with their demands. I am not associating extremism/terrorism with any specific religion. The terrorists who kill in the name of God are worst kind of humans.

Some people blame the security forces as they can resist the terrorist attacks, But in my opinion, no matter how hard our security personnel tries, If the terrorist is willing to blow himself up, no one can stop him. I salute the bravery of those positioned as security guards in schools, hospitals, places of worship as they put their lives at risk every day.

Now time has come that we unite and not only verbally but morally denounce the extremism from our country. We cannot tolerate more. We don’t want to see more crying mothers, we don’t want to see people fearing to practice their faith in danger. I ask you to #RejectExtremism

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