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ISIS fascination pushes westerners to join the deadly group

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)—known for its atrocious and inhuman activities—expanding its network and westerners, in large number, joining the terror group which raised the alarm about global terrorism. The Sunni jihadist group also known as Daesh proclaimed itself to be the worldwide caliphate and killing Shia community and non-Muslims brutally which is condemnable. Besides, beheading people, the group, which overtook the swathes of Iraq and Syria, also destroying the cultural heritage in the areas of their control. The group created terror around the world and invited wrath of the countries for their deadly activities.

However, despite the fact, that the group had earned notorious reputation, westerners including Americans, British, Germans, Frenchmen, Russians and foreigners from Morocco, Tunisia and other countries joining the jihadist group.

According to Nicholas Rasmussen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, more than 20,000 foreigners have joined ISIS of them 3,400 fighters belongs to western states. He said that the fighters hail from 90 countries.

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However, according to the International Center for the Study of Radicalization in London, up to 4,000 Europeans have joined the IS.

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Below are the numbers of foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria who joined the ISIS.

Country of origin Foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria
Tunisia 3000
Morocco 1500
Russia 1500
France 1200
United Kingdom 600
Germany 600
Belgium 440
United States of America 180
Australians 110

But, here the question of millions of dollars arise that why a large number of westerners joining the jihadist group. Following factors forcing westerners to join the deadly group and these include:

Growing racism in Europe

Racism coupled with intolerance against religious minorities increasing rapidly in European countries which compelling people to join the terror group.  Human Rights report also criticized France for racism.

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Following the Charlie Hebdo incident in Paris, physical and verbal abuse and attacks on Muslims and their religious places increased. The growing intolerance, hate speeches, indiscrimination, anti-Muslims and anti-Semitic acts forcing minorities to leave the European countries and join IS.

Romantic adventure

Besides, racism, the thrill and opportunity to have romance with jihadis and enjoy honeymoon trip with jihadis forcing western women to leave their countries and go to Syria and Iraq—valley of death—to become jihadis brides and increase the offspring of jihadis.  But, the Australian government warned its women that it is not a ‘romantic adventure’. In fact, the trip to Iraq and Syria is a deadly trip which has no exit door.

ISIS—a ticket to gain ‘evil’ power

Some westerners in order to gain ‘evil’ power, terrorize others and avail the opportunity of using weapons join ISIS—the blood-thirsty group. The people holding Europeans and westerners nationalities leaving for Iraq and Syria leaving everything behind—their family, luxurious life and other things—so as to learn how to use weapons and kill people in order to satisfy their blood thirst.

In addition to these, other factors also behind the rapidly growing network of ISIS by foreign fighters. Whatsoever the reasons may be, the governments of western countries need to formulate stringent laws in order to stop its citizens from joining the terror group.

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