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PTI invading, Gilgit Baltistan

All else have promised to develop GB after the elections and signed various projects, vowed to deliver after coming into power but then there remained silence which never broke in. Now this time there raised a voice to change the previous followed trends before the elections. It’s actually the system which needs to be scrutinized first for reformation, and he did. Observing carefully the situation and the history He planned to take this huge responsibility and the commitment for which He is known for. The one who always stand against these rhetorically cultured political monks. He has always strived for egalitarianism in Pakistan.

The GBLA elections are due in May. PTI chief Imran Khan alleged the federal government of planning blatant pre-poll rigging in Gilgit-baltistan. The same whispering voices can be heard in every corner of GB. The people of GB are damn sure that following the previous trends, this time again the ruling party in center will be victorious in the upcoming elections, because the party in center has always manipulated the election results of GB. And this time, as per the allegation of Imran Khan, the appointment of PML-N sympathizers in care taker cabinet, the Election Commissioner and the Governor had maximized the possibility. These all are very clear and prominent, so the voice of Imran Khan for GB is being considered as the most influential, because it’s true representation of GB indeed.”

(Pic: GB Legislative Assembly)

Another important issue is the appointment of non-local as a Governor of GB. It’s clear violation Article 101 (ii) of constitution, which states: “A person shall not be appointed a Governor unless He is qualified to be selected as a member of the National Assembly and not less then 35 years of age and is registered voter and resident of the concerned province.”

The popularity of Imran Khan and PTI in Gilgit-Baltistan cannot be denied which is increasing rapidly. We yet waited for someone among us to stand up for our rights. Imran Khan, in the history is the only leader, who not only defended but also included this most important chapter to his party’s manifesto.

PTI is a new but a very strong political force in Gilgit Baltistan now.

It’s now the responsibility of PTI to make sure free and fair elections in GB as they succeeded in Senate elections, which I conclude is the consequences of strong opposition and clear stance against rigging the mandate of majority through manipulating results and appointing sold out perpetrators, as done in past.

The innocent, optimistic and patriotic people of GB needs special attention as a wave of anger can be envisaged in future in the form of rebel or betraying the country because the current scenario is exactly same as that of Bengal and now the Balochistan for which they betrayed  and now we count them as traitors.

All here the most necessary thing is the right of GB to be preserved in accordance to the will of localities and they could decide their fate, they think is better.

(Imran Khan wearing the cultural cap of Gilgit Baltistan)
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