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A Child By The Road

If you wish to empower your nation, your future generation – provide them with Education. Provide your child with books not with a broom; these thoughts hovered my mind travelling from airport towards my hometown. A young girl of three had a broom in her hand and trust me what innocent looks she had.

I have since been thinking, who is at fault for this. The state, the society or parents; what could be the reasons that brought a child to this position. Any human heart with a little sympathy and love would cry at the plight of the child; the innocence marooned somewhere.

A tender age where the child needs to learn how to hold a pencil, the little girl holds a rough broom. A time where she should walk into a proper school with a backpack, she is walking by the side of the road sweeping dirt. The beautiful feet that should wear white socks and black shoes are all wriggly without shoes drenched in mud.

If I could stop the speeding car and help.

Having nieces almost the same age imagining them like this sends shivers down my spine. Oh God! Please protect all the poor souls.

It’s the responsibility of the state to provide quality education to those who can’t afford; unfortunately our state’s priorities have always been different. Such a sight mocks our humanity. This visual explains the term “between the center and periphery”.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, numerous stories are yet to be told. Child labor is so widespread in the state of Pakistan and no serious steps have been taken to eradicate it. Are the children of poor so demeaning to the elite class that their problems are kept on the back burner? Don’t the children of Pakistan deserve equal education? Atleast provide them with something. Would anyone of the elite imagine their own grandchildren doing this?

The gimmicks of working for the poor class should be stopped and practical steps should be taken. Most importantly child labor should come to a halt immediately, poor parents who can hardly survive from hand to mouth send their little ones for work in big homes to gather some money. And unfortunately where the elite educated class should step into save the innocent souls they make it a point to exploit them as much as they can. What an unlucky nation are we?

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee, on a scale more than half of Pakistan’s population is illiterate and our leaders build business empires abroad and have their children settled there. The only reason the people don’t stand for themselves and against their cruel masters is because they are left uneducated.

“When I approach a child; he inspires me two sentiments, for the  tenderness he has and what he might become one day”. Louis Pasteur.

And when I look into the eyes of the poor children of my country, I pray with all my heart that May God help them falling into the well of injustice and helplessness. But only prayers won’t work, sincere practical steps and honest will is required to do so.

I would very humbly request all those who have young children as servants to please help them in their education and make them aware them of their rights. Jinnah’s soul would tremble if he saw the future of the country being rubbed to the ground serving tea to the elite having polished shoes.

Lift the veil of ignorance and endorse the poor; they have an equal right to quality education as their well off counterparts.

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