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Dialogue Between India & Pakistan

India reserves a special position in the South Asia by dint of involving about 72 percent of the area of South Asia under its foothold. India considers itself as the Boss of South Asia, being a home of 77 percent of the population, and producing almost 75 percent of the regional economic yield. It has the third biggest Army (1,325,000) on the planet and its economy is positioned tenth strongest ($2.0 trillion). Despite its political, financial and military ability, India is seen as a hegemonic power by all its six neighbors – from Bangladesh in the east to Pakistan in the west, from Nepal and Bhutan in the north to Sri Lanka in the south since all the six South Asian States have suffered a lot because of India’s monarchy.

Drunk with power and force, India would not hesitate to assault a nation in the event if it was to its interest to do so or in the event that they felt that the other side was so frail that they will surrender as there was no option for them to stand up to. Indian pioneers are staunch adherents of notorious Ch
anakya that believes to kill your people and blame it on your enemy, to undermine the neighboring nations in quest for their geo-monetary investments. Believing in the proclamation ‘everything is fair in love and war’, they become friends with the enemy of the neighbor, carryout false flag operations, make doubts through propaganda war, disorder and destabilization through undercover operations and put their transgressions in the neck of others.

RAW is famous for leading stealthy operations in the area. When India feels failed to show off his power through pressure, it then shows itself as the elder sibling to draw admiration from younger siblings. Its conduct as a big brother however leaves much to be sought. Instead of gaining admiration by acting maturely and liberally, it acts haughtily and expects un-deserving appreciation and concessions. It has trusted in the arrangement of taking all and giving nothing as an exchange. It considers one-sided concessions as its inheritance right.

India considers Pakistan as the only impediment in the way for their radical aspirations. India’s unsafe arrangement planned after 9/11 in 2001 to denuclearize and balkanize Pakistan through intermediary or proxy war has run into troubles due to NATO’s and ANA’s failure to defeat Afghan Taliban. Expanding closeness of USA and Pakistan and in addition to improvement of relations between new Afghan administration and Pakistan is going on during a period when Indo-Pakistan relations are cruising through uneven waters. Not knowing how to upset development of Pak-US and Pak-Afghan ties, India is trying to play the terrorism card.

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