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Minorities not a minor issue!!!

We can describe minorities as an amount of people forming less than half of the total population of any state or country. Minorities had been facing social discrimination and religious intolerance everywhere since ages, we are not an exception. If we look back at the history of modern world about 2 centuries ago, the issue of rights of German Jews was discussed for the first time. This Sunday when cricket fever was at its peak, christian community was targeted by suicide bombers in Lahore cultural capital of Pakistan, killing at least 15 and injuring 70, most of them were Christians busy in their Sunday prayer. Terrible was the reaction of Christians after blasts when they lynched two persons whom they suspect were involved in suicide bombing attack. It is not the first time when minorities are attacked in Pakistan. Now question is that is Pakistan only country facing this violence. No, its not the case. Even a country like US is also facing this ferocity. But there is difference in violence that’s less of religious more of racial. None of us has forgotten the killing of 3 innocent Muslim students at Chapel Hill. And amazingly this horrible incident didn’t get any coverage from international media. Twitter saw an outcry under hash tag #MuslimLivesMatter. I would also like to mention here murder of 18-year-old black teenage by a police officer in state of Missouri, which led to weeks of protest and riots . One can compile hundred of books on the oppression and injustice which outnumbered ethnic and religious groups are facing . Some of these are following:

  1. Just couple of days ago enacting law to strengthen ban on beef sale, cow slaughter in state of Hiryana shows that how much India is serious about the religious and ethical values of minorities.
  2. Recent shameful and ignominious incident of raping a 74 year old nun in state of west Bengal. That was inhumane.
  3. ‘Ghar wapsi’ program in Agra regarding religious conversions was an inside dark picture and a stigma on ‘secular’ face of India.
  4. Recent attack on a Mary School in state of Kolkata, including destruction of holy items.
  5. 2002 Gujarat riots were horrible . Culprits are never punished.
  6. Destruction of Babri Mosque will never be forgotten .

These were only those incidents which are known to every one still there are many behind the scenes.


The Muslim minority in Myanmar mostly consists of the Rohingya people. These people are facing worst kind of oppression and genocide from 1930 when it was under British rule. These people have been in their worst state when even survival is difficult. The Rohingya are one of the most persecuted minorities in the world.

IS and Yazidis are one of Iraq’s oldest ethnic and religious minority. They have been facing the main brunt of so called Islamic State’s barbaric actions and brutal campaigns . Reports say that at least 500 Yazidis, including 40 children, have been killed, and many more have been threatened with death. Christians have also been targeted by IS.

This is just a broader picture of what is happening to the minorities around the globe these days. There are many NGOs and institutions working for basic human rights of minority. But it is not sufficient. Pakistan has not a good track as far as its minorities are concerned. Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus are main and most favorite target of Islamic extremist. At the same time people belong to Shia sect are also not safe. Contrary of the fact that Islam is the most peaceful religion and a religion based on harmony and brotherhood. Pakistan came into existence with the motive that it will be an Islamic Republic where every one will enjoy freedom and equal rights including its minorities according to the golden rules of Islam.

Its a matter of shame for us that our Hindu minority living in remote areas of Sind are migrating to India because their lives were threatened. We should reconsider our attitude and behavior towards our minorities. As they have equal rights. we should make them a constructive part of our society and we need to look forward. This is time to present a softer image of Pakistan to the rest of the world because this is what our identity should be, this is what Islam preaches. Humanity , humanity and humanity.

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