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Anabolic Abuse to human health

The fact is that certain gym instructors are offering steroids to the teenagers who are looking for shortcuts. Fresh college going students or those who are free from school, join gym and body building clubs. Some join gyms in order to build their staimna, while some do so for fitness issues. Others are mostly inspired by the well toned physique of television models and movie stars.

Most gyms are non -registered, the brutal men who are supposed to be teachers or coaches to others are mostly illiterate themselves and are clueless regarding the ABC of medical sciences. They encourage the young members to use steroids to build their body in a short amount of time and this is how their earning cycle operates. A coach earns 10% of his income from coaching and the rest 90% from these steroids.

I have seen such coaches who pocket thousands of rupees from young body builders and give them third class anabolic steroids or food supplements in return, which cost for only a meager hundred rupees or more. The major mistake in this process is of the foolish teenagers who want to build their bodies, thinking it to be easy. If you want to build your body in just six or eight weeks, what can your coach do? If you want to lose weight in comparatively less time or if you want to gain your weight in a few weeks time, then it’s not possible without anabolic steroids and food supplements. I asked an instructor at Life fitness gym as to  why they force their students to use supplements or steroids, to which he replied “It’s not harmful for body builders if they maintain a healthy diet”. But according to medical research steroids are leaving many scars and effects on teenagers, which include less intellectual prowess. They became hairy after using steroids, they lose their vitality before their prime age. The use of steroids results in ghastly side effects such as brain cancer, depression, violent behavior, yellowing of eyes and skin, bad breathe severe acne, heart attack strokes, liver tumors, liver cancer, nausea and vomiting,kidney disease, stunted growth and many infections.

These effects are very dangerous for their social and personal life. Why doesn’t the government impose any check on these body building clubs? Why the government does not ban these anabolic steroids and supplements? These poisoned steroids have been selling at Hafiz Centre and Pace Lahore, having licenses to sell but many shops are opened in bazaars with no license. As government is establishing a cyber crime cell of FIA, it should also establish a department that looks after these body building and health activities to control this anabolic abuse to mental and physical health of teenagers and young generation.

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