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Atif Anwar: The untold Hero of Pakistan

Who is considered a pride for the nation? I was thinking last night as to who should be considered as the hero of nation? From our childhood, we have been hearing about country, love and pride. No doubt cricketers are our heroes as our newspapers and t.v channels, sports pages and sports news are filled with cricketing news. It means that cricket injected in our veins, but on the other hand some untold heroes are struggling in other field of sports. A few days ago, I watched the news of a man who had tears in eyes along with a gold medal. “Pakistan’s Atif Anwar wins the title at Arnold Classic Body Building competition”, read the headlines. Who is he? This question rose in my mind and prompted me to surf the web in search of knowledge regarding this person. In 2009 at Muscle mania, where contenders from over 100 countries around the world participated, Atif secured an impressive 4th Position (2009). He is also a former Mr. Pakistan (2005).

The question rises in my mind as to where does our media stand before and after his achievement? No coverage for him when he secured 4th position and represented Pakistan, as well as no results and no recognition. I read the post from the Sports Board of Punjab about Atif Anwar from Pakistan winning the gold medal of Arnold Classic Body Building in Melbourne, Australia.When a man is struggling we don’t help him during his tough times but when he achieves something worthwhile, we scramble for breaking news’ and take the credit for uploading posts and displaying footage. But all goes in vain when I read the comments under that particular post. “Don’t take credit, sports board he is now known as an Australian citizen. They sponsored him for that competition hence you cannot take credit anymore”.  The reason behind this story was that Pakistan federation did not issue NOC, that is why he competed for Australia.When will our sports board start taking initiatives and propagate the interests of our national champs? They are desperate to represent their country on their own at the international level but unfortunately their talent dies and few lucky ones like Atif Anwar avail opportunities by trying their luck in other countries. We hope that in the near future, we don’t lose sight of anyone such as Atif Anwar and our sports board can proudly take credit for their achievements on the international stage.

In addition I appeal that he dedicated his medals to the Army Public School’s martyrs. This would be symbolic in demonstrating the hope that we never forget our country in happiness or in grief because Pakistan is in our souls. I hope for that day when our sports board does not neglect the untold and unseen heroes of Pakistan. That day when they help our heroes survive in their struggles for achieving something for Pakistan.

Long live Pakistan and talented Pakistanis.

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