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From the very beginning I was completely against PTI’s (Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaaf) policies and procedures. I mostly  criticized PTI because of its leadership and immature decisions, such as their negotiations with the Taliban etc. All of my friends as well opposed Imran Khan’s Dharna in Islamabad. I have been writing articles and blogs with the title” IK where is the change” because we did not notice any change during the PTI government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Schools, hospitals and the infrastructure were mostly unchanged during PTI’s administration as well in our region. I kept writing on issues while receiving slang comments and threats on social media from the supporters of Imran Khan and PTI. After receiving such derogatory comments, I blocked many of them. But since these past two months I felt indications of change which Imran Khan and his supporters were talking about all along.

My first demand from PTI was reforms in education, second was health and third was the construction of Bahrain Kalam road. Bahrain Kalam road had been washed out by a devastating flood in July 2010. As for education, Imran Khan has introduced a new test system which is called NTS (National Testing Services) which is a fair and transparent system and is being highly appreciated by the learned people.

Since the last two months, after the Islamabad sit-in protest concluded, the KP government announced thousands of vacant posts in different departments like Education, Health and Police. All recruits were hired through the NTS system. The change seems evident because teachers, doctors and forest department officials are mostly against PTI. They oppose the policies and procedures of the PTI-led government because PTI gave them a tough time and cautioned them that those who will not oerform their duties up to the required duration of time, will be dismissed without hesitation. Imran Khan’s government has already dismissed 250 officials from the Education department of KP. Investigations are also under process as to determine who was absent during the monitoring sessions.

Everyone knows that the clerks in every public departments just looks the way for corruption but now such people even can think about corruption, they know that if they will demand for money for their services so they will be removed from their jobs. Yesterday I was talking with a teacher about PTI government in KPK, I asked him that if he feels any change? He replied that he just tired of his job because of the tight monitoring system In fact PTI government has tightened the monitoring system for all the departments especially for Education and health Recently there are Independent monitoring Units for Education and health departments, they are independent from the district EDO office and send their reports direct to the provincial education ministry for free and fair monitoring and evaluation, they observed that in district level the male and female EDOs mostly found involved in recommendation for relative and favoritism.

Yesterday I just saw a new thing that also indicated the change, that in every examination hall there are installed Cameras to make the exam transparent for the students of 9th and 10th Another most important step of PTI government is the move towards timber Mafia and forestation of new plants in the forests of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Being a local, I know the links of timber mafia with the forest department officials, but PTI government announced that the culprits for cutting trees will be equally treated as killer of mankind.

Recently Imran Khan is running a special campaign in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as Green Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, now a days one can see plants and plantation everywhere in the province, but this program will need much more concentration after the plantation campaign, because every years millions of newly born natural trees are eaten by the animals on their way towards the mountains, there should be people who can look after the newly planted plants and trees either voluntarily are with the wroth of small kind of stipend by the forest department.

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