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Look Out For The Stani Army!

England cricket fans have the ‘Barmy Army’, India the ‘Bharat Army’. Pakistan has the ‘Stani Army’.

This distinguished group is composed of Mr.Pakistan, The Shiek, The King, The Dictator and The Doctor. They were initially formed 7 years ago and continue to expand and innovate.

These passionate UK based supporters of Pakistan cricket follow their team throughout the world, providing much needed vocal support through the ups and downs.


In Australia you will often notice the camera pan over to focus on these eccentric, costumed super heroes. They bring joy and happiness to millions around the globe, raising a smile as wickets tumble on the field.

Away from the heat of battle these guys are normal, hardworking lads. However once they are made up and costumes are on, they are transformed into celebrity iconic status.

The Stani Army I salute you for your dedication and commitment to Pakistan cricket. You truly are a group of ambassadors for our beloved nation. Your positivity is infectious.


If you are fortunate enough to meet The Stani Army, they will be more than happy to have a chat and pose for a selfie.

As well as providing much needed entertainment, The Stani Army also assist in organising and advising on international cricket tours. They are also involved in charity work.


Here I also have to pay my respects to the greatest ever Pakistani cricket fan, the one and only ‘Chacha Cricket’. With his classic white beard, green shalwar kameez and permanent flag waving, he has kept the opposition crowds bay for many years.

Let’s hope all the passionate fans can make some noise and support the Pakistan team against Australia at Adelaide on Friday.

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