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Not Mehr Tarar; Shashi Tharoor Should be Held Accountable for Wife Death

In a media house, when a female colleague (Indian national) made an allegation against me for sending her inappropriate mobile messages, it was darn worst day of my professional life. Messages like offering cup of tea, breakfast, and inviting group dinner at weekend cannot be considered or regarded as an ‘indecent proposal’ in any way. I didn’t know there was a type of women that can ruin opposite colleague’s career by making false allegations and baseless propaganda to excel towards high position. I believe I have always been a tough person enough to take pressure in any difficult situation. I readily visualize myself as overcoming obstacles, winning out over setbacks, achieving impossible objectives. But harassment-allegation itself was tormenting for me and was like an assault on me for not just being a co-worker but being a man. Not all ladies but every second out of five female worker makes knavish way to get promotion or becoming bosses’ blue-eyed-girl by hook or by crook. Anyway, desperately, I offered myself to present in front of HR and other high-ups committee to prove my innocence. My prayers were met and I was declared clean while this female colleague faced tremendous remorse for charging baseless and made-up allegations against me. Next week; she first began showing signs of suffering into depression for few days and then resigned afterwards. Even being not guilty; it was a narrow escape for me for my career as the bona fide—journo could have been on stake. Luckily, I found good jury support [all females] before final verdict.

Sadly, the curious case of Pakistani journo Mehr Tarar has been remained destitute. I never observed by media; a single supportive statement or comment on behalf of poor Mehr Tarar from any Pakistani journalists and their unions, federation or association. Instead, Pakistani media, blindly, dubbed Mehr as the ISI woman quoting Indian media and tweets of Sunanda Pushkar, without knowing anything, depth.

The resonance of the allegations against Pakistani female journo have long been heard in the media but still there has never been a single and solid proof or evidence that Mehr Tarar, deliberately, established connection with Shashi Tharoor. However, she had been writing about Indian politicians along with holding meetings with Indian officials on foreign tours.

Despite the fact that Mehr largely worked on Indian diplomats’ stories yet her propensity is not that strange from journalistic point of view. Any journalist can put own focus towards any particular direction for getting lines.

Exchanging of emails between Mehr Tarar and Shashi Tharoor led astray Sunanda Pushkar; Indian minister’s wife. Sunanda might never commit suicide if Tharoor had admitted his womanizer game playing with his secretaries during his entire career. Tharoor as the philanderer had been named with many other females even in India but his so-called, one-sided and media—proclaimed affair with Mehr was unbearable not only for Sunanda Pushkar but Pakistan-hostile Indian media. His tweets showed that it was he whose heart was enamored by Mehr Tarar and he wanted to propose her for marriage contrary of Mehr whose tweets were complete lack of interest in him besides respect.

How comes India can dare to summon our journo to its court in Sunanda Pushkar death case. Mehr Tarar is not responsible for anything. In fact, it is Shashi who has been silence throughout the matter and never admitted that he was a ladies’ man. He still doesn’t make any statement that Mehr is clean lest India should face compunction.

Even Pakistani media should stop its schematic hypocrisy for questioning Mehr rather inquiring to Shashi Tharoor for his wife’s baseless allegations against Mehr Tarar before her death. This is not only about protecting the honor of our journo but it is about shielding Pakistan’s respect. In Pakistani press unity for defending Mehr Tarar, lies the defending the honor of a sovereign state. For this reason Mehr needs a good jury like I found in my case.

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