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Gear up Aussies the “wounded tigers” are coming!

The emergence of Misbah’s “Captain Innovative” avatar ably supported by the “Wounded Tiger” brand of cricket played by his men would certainly set alarm bells ringing for the ever so cocky “Kangaroos”!

Pakistan team has put in a clinical performance to dispose off the challenge thrown by the energetic Irish.


The match started well for the associate team with Porterfield playing an absolute gem of an innings to set this match up for a close finish.

Misbah beaming with his newly found aggression , persisted with a very uncharacteristic field throughout the match. Innovation with bowling changes and field placement were reminiscent of the “cornered tiger ” days!

But hold on a minute, Misbah ‘s men weren’t just cornered in the early grim part of their campaign , they were badly hurt as well. Or at least many would like to believe they were…

May it be the parody social media accounts or the endless number of ranting cricket pundits, it was all doom n gloom for the Greens . They were battered n bruised by everyone from every possible angle!

From being called the worst team that Pakistan has ever fielded in the world cups to “sifarishees” n ” parchees”, these men braved through it all.

Misbah knew one win would turn the team fortunes around. And that win came against Zimbabwe …

It was a much closer affair then most of us would have liked but the relief on Misbah ‘s face told the whole story.

His emotions were obvious when he spoke to Rameez after the match and told him how important the win was for his team.

Pakistan team turned over a new leaf following that win and branded their own version of the “wounded tiger” legend. The term coined by Peter Oborne for the Imran Khan regime but perhaps more apt for the current bunch.


The way we kept attacking the defiant Irish batting lineup despite strong resistance in the first half was a spectacle almost unknown to the recent fans of Pakistan cricket team.

Glimpses of Imran khan ‘s era where his “never say die” attitude led the way for many a wins for Team Pakistan were clearly evident.


Sarfraz didn’t betray us yet “again”, our bowlers stayed on the offensive throughout the match and the fielders pounced upon the ball like hungry cheetahs.

Absence of Irfan was felt though but Ehsan and Haris together made sure no real harm was done.

As for the quarter-finals, let’s just hope the “wounded tigers” turn up in all their grandeur to drown the ” arrogant kangaroos”.

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