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Hoping against hope..

Is kahaani ko

Kon rokay ga

Umar yeh saari

Kon sochay ga

Kia tamasha hai

Kub say jaari hai

Zindagi hai khel

Phir bhe jaari hai….

Nearly three months have passed since the dreadful Peshawar school incident as I am writing these lines . The lamenting for those kids who never found a way back home however still continues…


Life goes on, millions of kids still wake up and rush to schools, the vicious circle of everyday life continues oblivious to that heinous act of barbarism .

With every terrorist activity, we wonder what could be worse? From borders to airports to army headquarters to Malala, we have witnessed it all.

But slaughtering of 130 children in their school?????

A part of me, a part of you, a part of all of us has just become numb forever.

Whatever reasons propelled those animals to do this heinous act of barbarism, nothing can justify this butchery. Those monsters have ignited a fire within every conscientious soul by targeting those innocent souls who probably weren’t even aware of the definition of conflict.

I am at my wits end trying to find an ounce of bravery in that act of utter gutlessness and cowardice ?

The sinless victims of the Peshawar attack did not just pass away but also left their mothers arms empty and their dads’ heart aching….

Those vacant classrooms and haunted play grounds cannot be a good news for a nation that lags behind most of its neighbors in literacy .

Part of me is still in denial and wishing that it was nothing more than a nightmare…

Head starts pounding whenever the thought hits me that I’ve been a part of the same army public school system for a good number of years and how protected I felt within the campus boundaries.

Under the overtly protective umbrella of army, the sense of security would always come from within but sadly, maybe not anymore.

The magnanimity of this tragedy is at least beyond my comprehension but I only wonder if the very basic necessity of a child; schools are not safe then what is?

Words will never be sufficient to describe what has been done, even animals kill for some reason; out of fear or hunger. Even calling it monstrous or inhumane would be an understatement but the same old question hangs in the air that why is this all happening in the name of the religion when no religion allows terrorism let alone Islam why by definition means the “religion of peace”?

Which twisted faith do they follow that prescribes shooting barefaced children???

What is the cost of those drops of blood that were shed?

The uniform that got stained with blood?

Every limb that crippled for escape?

Every single page of their books that was torn apart?

But the entire nation is still looking for the answer to their sole fundamental question, is there ever going to be an end to this?

How many more talks, statements, conferences, action plans and protests would it take to put a halt to these atrocities which consistently weaken the country more than before….

Hundreds of articles have been written covering the traumatic event. The vast majority of electronic media proactively condemned the incident, the so-called leaders, politicians, holders of the thrones and protectors of the religion, all of them addressed the media showing their condolences; all of what that cannot change how a part of the humanity ended that day.

Monetary aid won’t fill the void left in the lives of those unfortunates who lost their children. It can’t even wipe off the traumatic memories the survivors will carry their whole lives.

The incident ,however , has brought the entire nation closer and united to stand for the victims but sadly until only some other news distracts us away.

More importantly has it brought our rulers, lawmakers or the so called “stake holders” close enough to actually reach some form of a unanimous and practical action plan which they will all be willing to apply in their respective jurisdictions???

It better be a turning point for the rulers of our country. They should not only put their egos aside but also own this country and the menaces that surround it and be moved for the cause for real.

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