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10 Life Lessons I Learned From The Movie PK…

Aamir Khan’s Pk broke all records when the movie was released. Becoming the highest grossing Bollywood film of all time, Pk stood out from the rest of the flicks and was lauded for its unique plot. Aamir Khan’s portrayal of alien Pk, with his green eyes, jutted out ears and simpleton persona, also delighted the audience to no end. Here are ten life lessons that I garnered from the movie, which subliminally taught us a lot.

1. Never trust strangers!

Yes, never trust them! My parents and schoolteachers made it sure I had grasped this crucial lesson way back in my adolescent years not to trust those whom I knew not. Pk, unfortunately, did not get this concept well. Standing butt naked with his ‘remote control’ pendant slinging from his neck, the humanoid was ecstatic to see the turban clad human in the desert. Taking advantage of Pk’s astonishment, the man snatched his amulet, thinking it to be of value and jumped onto a running train. Poor Pk, the troubles commenced from thereon!

2. Secrets are best kept hidden! 

No need to go around telling anyone you found a stash of gold! Early on in the film, when Jaggu informs an old man regarding a ticket she meant to purchase from someone selling it in black, the old man promises her he would purchase it on her behalf. However, the old man purchases the ticket himself and makes for the theatre instead! As a result, both Jaggu and Sarfaraz are deprived from attending the show!

3. Learn to recognize blessings in disguise!

Often misfortunes and tribulations befall us, making us wonder as to what we did to deserve them. Yet, sometimes these unfortunate incidents present something better and more lasting for us, in the long run! Had that old man not cheated Jaggu and Sarfaraz out of their ticket, both of them wouldn’t have spent quality time together and as a result, fall in love! This was communicated by the two when, after cornering the old man in a street, they kissed his cheek and exclaimed ‘Thank you!’

4. Some situations demand thinking on your feet!

Life is a roller coaster and sometimes you might be in for a bumpy ride! Improvisation might save your skin at times, as it did Pk’s when the alien plastered Bhagvan’s imagery across his cheek so that devotees would abstain from slapping him red on the face! The move did prevent Pk’s cheeks from a couple of stinging slaps before Jaggu came to the rescue!

5. Understanding cultures/traditions is important

I learned that it is imperative for a person to be aware of his/her nation’s diverse cultural traditions. Pk’s lack of knowledge regarding customs led him to asking a bride-to-be dressed in all white, if her husband had passed away!


6. Money buys everything!

Somehow I knew that always but Pk highlighted this fact more than anything else! When Jaggu needed to pen down Pk’s story in that lockup, what prompted the policeman to change his mind and allow her into the cell? Yeah you guessed it, a couple of bucks!

7. Co-incidence

Not everything that happens to us in life contains a hidden meaning or is sent down from the heavens! This happened to Pk when he visited a temple and bought a Rs.15 Bhagwan statue. Hopeful, the alien tried out his first wish by requesting for some food and a passerby placed a mouth-watering samosa into his grateful hands! Convinced the Almighty was enclosed in a minute statue and was listening to his urges, Pk wished for the ticket back to his planet, his ‘remote control’. This time around, his desired object didn’t quite fall into his lap!

8. Everyone deceives a simpleton!

If you lack adequate knowledge on something or are a simple person in general, every person you meet is liable to take you for a ride! This did happen with Pk, when taking advantage of his simple mindedness, the person who had sold him ‘Bhagvan’ inside the temple, sold him coconuts and water by stating that inside, God will physically hear his prayers and grant him his wish! Also, we saw how Bhairon Singh’s ultimate concern in the beginning was if Pk remembered who had run him over or if he had seen his license plate number! All people care about ultimately, is themselves.

9. Priests and preachers can mislead the masses!

Especially in this region of the world, where lack of education and enlightenment hampers logical thinking, religious preachers can mislead the public like Tapasvi did! The reasons can be many, ranging from their desire to get 15 minutes of fame or pocket a hefty sum, you might be tricked into something that is actually not true!

10. It’s better to clear up misunderstandings at the earliest!

Misunderstandings can go a long way in creating hurdles and obstacles in your relations with people. The same happened with Jaggu when she was left on the altar by Sarfaraz on her wedding day and both suspended communication. Only when Pk informed her through his mystic-like powers about the truth behind the letter, did both lovers reconnect. Hence, it is imperative that you clear up all misunderstandings you’re harboring against anyone, right now!

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