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The logical path

The human nature is obvious passions are not. The sublime journey is more celestial which is being structured with minute analysis. Human race after so much devastation and ordeal realized the only way to establish a supreme society is the way of knowledge and thus no supreme society can be attained by mere emphasis on the esoteric pulchritudinous of the perspective. The quiddity of that prolonged and tedious journey was to strive and innovate through deep contemplation which is the only pavement to cuddle the social peace.

Civilizations came and go but only those were glorious who acknowledged the achievements of their predecessors and after complying with the essence struggled for excellence. Don’t get to antiquities, look what happened to Europe before renaissance movement, and you will find they too were anomalous to the set standards and were groping in macabrely darkness. After embracing sublime notion with open heart it filled their hearts and the darkened civilization stepped outside the hole they were in for centuries.

The novel example is of America, who after their independence got a broader perspective and thrived for excellence which helped them diminishing the paramount discriminations being imposed on blacks and women. One can disagree with the social milieu of western civilization which is the quirky of their struggle and research.

Pakistan is a country whose founding father was very well educated and quite fond of literature but ever since its birth leaders never thought of the “great idea” although the founding father accentuated on it exceptionally.

We have seen many governments, 1st session was embroidered with bureaucrats, 2nd session was with military dictatorships (Ayub and Yahya), and the current prolonged session is bound with “demoship” (the grand musical chair show peculiar to Pakistan).Have we seen anyone even tried to strive for educating people? Have we seen anyone from the lot even tried to make an environment supportive to knowledge? Have we seen they tried to build a structure for research facilities? Have we seen they tried to civilize the nation? Have we seen and have we seen, but there is no yes.

Nascent Pakistan was in the hands of bureaucrats and they used it for their self-interest. Ayub ouster them with a pledge of making supreme society and became oblivious after coming into the realms of power or perhaps he was not even aware of the meaning. Yahya’s trip was short and then came Zulifqar Bhutto who somehow tried but after some time went oblivious to it too or was thinking to empower himself rather than the aggrieved nation. BB and NS kept fighting till Musharaf and Musharaf deviated till AAZ.

Alas! The current so called leaders (I say demagogues) are following the legacy of their aberrant forefathers. We are busy in making broad roads, colored bridges, aristocratic farm houses, multitude of markets filled with lavished apartments and commercial buildings. The point is not that it is of no use and cannot be taken as “development” but the point is striving to educate and impart knowledge to the vulgar is prerequisite to the aforesaid “development”. The “development” idea is a roof and the prerequisite is the stair, you cannot get to the roof without stair but can only see and appreciate its beauty as a bystander.

Why federal and provincial governments don’t take solid steps to give education to the common people on their threshold? One reason can be their disbelief in the glory of knowledge and research or they are afraid that if people get educated we will be ousted. We have been entangled in tri-class education system which is plaguing the whole society. The aim of it is very clear, educate a minority with modern standards and let them rule the beleaguered and stranded majority.

The role of clerics plays a pivotal role in this misery. As they don’t even think so they are being driven by the powerful. They say they are Moslems and they don’t even savvy the essence of Quran which is a light wrapped in knowledge.

People say one cannot do anything but supplicate, but I say we can do a lot more than that. We can try. We can try to educate the children in our streets or can make a small union of colony members to do the needful. We can try to get children to the schools. What if a few join politics or make a party for that goal? We can even argue with the parents of the children who are not willing to send them school for any specified reason. We can try. I think we can try.

It is the time of Senate elections and oligarchs with money-bellied demagogues tacit that everyone has a price so Pakistan will pay the price.

“Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings”. Heinrich Heine

Look what you have done.

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