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Changing Regional Dynamics

With the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, the South Asian region is likely to see a paradigm shift. With US troops vacating, Afghanistan will for the very first time, is likely to become more self-reliant wit support from regional and international players. Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan and India are thought to be the most concurrent stakeholders in this respect .

This is for the first time since 2001; Afghanistan will witness a change when it will have a working government, a setup and infrastructure. Until now, the Afghans were being governed by a puppet government with all strings controlled by the US. But now as the United States has shown evident signs of withdrawal, Afghanistan has now got to stand on its own.

With recent regional developments, it can be said that we will see new pawns in the game plan. China, in a very unlikely fashion, opted to carry out developmental plans in Afghanistan. The change of strategy is visible here in Pakistan. Unlike before; Pakistan is more onto developing a cooperative relationship with Afghanistan.

Similarly, US withdrawal would have a definite impact on older stakes. India had great support in Afghanistan with US presence. Recently, the Indian position has gotten a little derailed on the North western side. Pakistan has always spoken of obvious signs regarding Indian involvement in Pakistan’s western provinces. Else, the deep presence of India in propping up an Afghan structure, further stamps the facts hard.

Also, it can be suspected that the Americans would never like to withdraw completely from the region. So, with little presence of forces, the superpower would like to give its role to India. Prospects suggest that America would now use India as a pawn to contemplate the chess move. India would obviously consider this option readily as they somehow comfort its hegemonic ambitions. Obama’s visit to India was one aspect of this game plan.

US designating India for a big role says a lot. Pakistan being an ‘all weathered’ friend of China would never accept the US theory of Chinese encirclement. India with territorial issues and a soft opposition, could be the best choice to keep the American influence in the region and also to give a tough time to China. With this, the sly US has almost cornered Pakistan by giving better roles to India, which is ironic as we have been their allies for 14 years.

Long story short: US is now head over heels with India. Fishes are always baited with bright colors. So is the case of this new romance in the region, India desires hegemony, the US seems all set for it but on it’s own terms. But the lesson to learn here is that Pakistan must not cut loose. Change is good, but so is Pakistan’s changed strategy. Together, the trio of Afghanistan, China and Pakistan could do wonders for each other and punish India and US simultaneously.

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