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Let’s fight Taliban with the beauty of Islam

With every another bomb blast in my mother city making my heart throb faster than ever in my life, I start to give up. I start believing that there cannot be any messiah who would pull us out of the quagmire of Islamophobia. I start to discourage myself from believing that there could be any hope in Pakistan. Surprisingly, what gives me hope is the reason behind this evil which is used as a tool to justify their actions. I take up Quran and Sunnah and find myself stunned to an amazing beauty that Islam holds which of course stands in stark contrast to the definition of Islam in today’s world.

I have found that Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) is the best person ever, who not only preached peace for the humanity but also implemented his words. His actions are unparalleled in history and his mercy and compassion is above all. Is there anyone in today’s world who like him would forgive all his enemies who persecuted, tortured and attempted to assassinate Him (PBUH) when they were standing at his disposal to hear their verdict? Is there anyone who likes Him? Would forgive the murderer of his uncle? Is there anyone who cares about the children and women whiling battling war and return the property of opponents to them after they have surrendered? Do you know any?

Quran proclaims “And we have sent you (Muhammad) not but as a mercy for the mankind”.

In battle of Badr, the prisoners of war taken were the bitterest enemies of Islam. Among them was Suhail bin Amr who was a fiery speaker and denounced Prophet (PBUH). Hazrat Umar suggested that two of his lower teeth be pulled out so that he might not be so vile in his speeches. Do you know what Muhammad (PBUH) replied ? He said “Were I to do this, Allah would disfigure me on the Day of Judgment, despite the fact that I m His messenger“. Imagine what kind of punishment awaits the evil Taliban.

The time foretold by Muhammad (PBUH) has come now. We, Muslims are gripped by the evil of Taliban who have continued to hold the title of brutal beasts. Islam offers a kingdom where everyone regardless of his /her religion, gender or color can live and breathe freely. But extremists are trying to tarnish the image of peaceful Islam. Extremism only happens due to ignorance. And Muhammad declared loudly ‘ the cure of ignorance is to question’. Extremism buds forth because extremists’ neither study nor question. The path to knowledge comes by studying close the life of Muhammad (PBUH) with full sincerity.

Let us be the ones to revive the true spirit of Islam and free the oppressed people from the clutches of Taliban. Let us educate everybody, our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, parents and our neighbors about the beauty of Islam. Our weapon against Taliban is Islam. Let’s hold hand in hand and carry Quran and Sunnah in our hearts together and fight against them. Let’s finish this all at once. In sha Allah.

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