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‘Brain Drain and Brain Waste’, main Dilemma of Pakistan

Yesterday one more episode of carnage was happened in city of Lahore at a time when Nawaz Sharif was busy in meeting with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. This incident has shown the apathetic nature of our rulers. PM Nawaz Sharif instead of condemning this incident give a statement time is not far when those who left country start coming back.  Brain drain and brain waste are currently the main dilemma Pakistan is facing today. Exodus of Pakistani best and brightest doctors, engineers, IT experts, banker’s, accountants and scientists  in a staggering amount from the  country due to instability of political , economical , social and technological factors is a matter of severe concern for the future of country. Queues in front of embassies depicts true picture of current situation of law and order, inflation, unemployment and terrorism and unrest in the country. The billions of rupees schemes introduced by government like Prime Minister Youth loan scheme can’t stop this brain drain because these schemes have never been introduced on genuine grounds. These schemes have always been introduced to bestow their own relatives and party workers.

Every year thousands complete their graduation but due to lack of merit, nepotism and jobbery couldn’t get job. Only few of them luckily become successful to get job without any discrimination. Those who failed to get any employment or to do any entrepreneurial activity have no other option but to look towards other opportunities and top most is to go abroad. It doesn’t matter from which city of the Pakistan you belong, you must have seen these agents sitting there with different rates depending on the country where you want to go. They all have opened their shops and have their own ways to make people fool. One of them which I know has opened his own academy for the preparation of IELTS. He used to brainwash students during preparation and prepare them to go abroad. In the meanwhile, during preparation he keeps an eye on each student to know about their financial background to trap them. Later he demands the money accordingly.  There are thousands of agents like him who are playing with the future of Pakistan by wasting their time and money.

No one wants to leave their beloved country only the bleak future of Pakistan is causing them to go abroad in search of better opportunities of livelihood. Those who go abroad to improve their education come back to serve their country get treated like a step mother. Usman Asrar a young chap after serving six years in HBL and in UBL as a branch manager went UK to improve his education in 2013 and did his master’s from there and came back to serve  his country in 2014 as compare to others who preferred not to come back. However, when he came back all his dreams and hopes dispersed when he went for an interview on with bank of Punjab HR head in Lahore and he refused his application on these grounds that he has a one year of gap in his job.  Reverse brain drain is also possible only when the culture of corruption and favoritism comes to an end.

Every year people from abroad send billion of rupees in the form of remittances. These remittances are the important source to run wheel of the economy. When these Pakistanis buy any property and land from their hard earned money inside the country at the end they come to know that this scheme was a scam and they have drowned their money.  Recent statement after resignation from ex-governor Punjab Muhammad Sarwar clearly indicates that government itself is guilty and supporting the corrupt land mafia. God Bless Pakistan and give us a true and sincere leadership in future to get out the nation from this quagmire of land mafia and agents who are playing with future of the nation.

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