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Karachi Demands Peace

Karachi burns, politicians must look into, military all set to extend the revered hand of assistance, ignorance won’t bless this time…!

Seemingly, from Khyber to Karachi, we are seeing things moving. It has been two months to Peshawar APS attack when we decided to put all efforts in chasing terrorists. Currently, well pronounced operations are taking place at two extremes. Hardcore bid in KPK, Rangers operation in Karachi and overall happening IBOs does show Pakistan’s crackdown against criminals and terrorists.

National Action Plan seems to be in full zoom, government reiterates the consensus while COAS keeps hammering the political promise. What has been said since the start, little of it is seemingly happening. The case of Karachi crisis can be taken in a different perspective. What has been discovered in NWA during Zarb-e-Azb leads us to the deduction that terrorists network there were well established and knitted. However, when it comes of Karachi, we see monopoly of political parties and their militant wing.

The diversity in the name of politics has grabbed enough space which nearly extinct the chances of presence of radical terrorists. The history of Karachi provides us with archives of crisis as politics laden. Mostly, it is MQM and PPP tussling for the throne or ANP blaming both for subduing them. Whosoever dies in Karachi is acclaimed MQM worker but not a convicted criminal. PPP for face saving always looks forward to MQM as alone they do not hold the majority. The ultimate sufferer of all this mess are the very people of Karachi.

The smoke of fire ignited in Karachi smells more of like political violence. There have been evidences of use of militant wings by political bodies. Just recently, a nuisance was heard when a JIT clearly highlighted political involvement in a massacre. These understood apprehensions were clearly averted by involved parties through blame game, which is the very usual treatment.

Karachi issue does not hold prosperity for Pakistan. It would get difficult to fight strong heads at two extreme points, both with focus on violence, creating misery with public the ultimate victim. Recent high movement in Karachi must ensure some effective implementation of thoughts. As far as, military support is concerned, they are contacting all provinces, extending very revered hand of assistance which is something new to witness. However, a constant reminder has become a must for political stakeholders.

Government has seriously overlooked serious matters in last decade. A permanent nominee of Governor, lousy Chief Minister of all time has seriously binned the scope of Karachi. Karachi now burns with sacked bodies, Bhatta, target killings and politicized security ensuring nothing to its public. I am sure this is not the ideal picture of any kind of economic hub.

What I see is the political parties have taken political tug of war a little too much on head. All political stakeholders of Sindh and specifically Karachi have their ancestral traits to follow. PPP one become a ‘Siasi Shaheed’, could opt for it again. MQM is already fooling people by cashing the absence of their leader in Pakistan. Both parties take out nails upon need instantaneously, thinking nothing for Karachiites. This demands a full stop solution of political violence in Karachi, no matter how costly it gets.

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