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Parents don’t spoil the shahadats

Air has quite changed since the bleak day of 16th. One can start to feel the indifference of the air towards serenity and happiness that it once used to hold in her bosom. It feels as if smile has been wiped off the faces of birds and the right to own excitement in life has been snatched. Oh! So much do I miss the children of APS Peshawar.

Not a day has passed since that incident without media mourning the beautiful shahadats of children. The parents have consistently come out of their homes to protest on roads. Whether it’s doing a press conference of the grieved mothers or rallying up on road, the parents have voiced up their opinions from every possible platform. At first, I liked their effort as they were demanding sincere and committed investigation of the incident but later on as the time passed, I noticed unusual extremity in their attitude. Their demands sounded hollow and unjustified at some occasions. And I got the feeling that they were on the wrong track. While I’d certainly agree on some of their demands, others seem quite absurd to me.

Let’s speak of one example at the moment. The grieved mothers have come up on media asking for ‘incentives’ to be given to them. Personally, it means to me as if they desire to get ‘incentives’ on name of their martyred children. Surprisingly, they think of it as their right which is utterly not even in line of Islam. Our children are in the best place we could ever imagine. All they need now is our continuous prayers. The worldly matters are unimportant to them now. Up there is a different space of which we can only imagine. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) has said

“The martyr has six unique trails: he is forgiven immediately; he sees his seat in Paradise and he is saved from the punishment of the grave; he is granted safety from the great terror [of the Day of Judgment]; a crown of honor is placed upon his head, a ruby of which is better than this life and all it contains; he is married to 72 maidens of Paradise; and he is allowed to intercede for 70 relatives.

We are a country with a large amount of national holidays on our calendar offering us the best respite from work. Celebrating 16th December as a national holiday would add one more holiday and at the same time, put us back from the rapidly pacing developing countries. Memories are held in hearts not in brains. These children were a part of our blood and their faces cannot be vanished off our hearts.  I’m also a brother of a child who embraced shahadat in the same incident (Arham Khan Shaheed). My parents didn’t take part in any protest held because we believed them to be useless. Arham’s heavenly rewards will not be in anyway affected by our tributes. He as a shaheed is still alive but the veil has come in between us.

So I request to all the parents to calm down their emotional frenzies that have been lately stirred up. Do not spoil the shahadats of our beautiful kids. The ultimate result of this incident should be to reinforce our goals. Our morals should be boosted further. Our nation is plagued by the worst evil of the mankind. As parents of martyred children, it becomes our duty to move together hand in hand and unify this nation. Work harder. Fight the evil of terrorism. Help the poors and the neighbours. Educate our children. Spread awareness. And seek Allah’s help to succeed us. Because as Quaid had said ” Musalam museebat se ghabraya nahe karta'( A Muslim is never afraid of predicaments).


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