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Abandoned Religious Terms and Conditions

How to pronounce Muhammad (PBUH) and the people—of—the—house and where does it go wrong when we mention them during our discussion, speech, or oration? Even citing the most revered personalities of Islam as proverbs or moral lesson; why is it—that one’s slip of tongue is taken as blasphemy while the other one spread hate by deliberate attempts of aggravation by deriding, mocking or criticizing most venerable men and women of the Islamic history under religious eloquence? We have been in the silent war of religious terms and conditions among miscellaneous sects in the country that is still unnoticed deliberately.

We are incited on disrespecting of Mohammad (PBUH), the last prophet of God on account of our conventional devotional spirit. But in reality, all sects of Islam imperceptibly spend all their lives disrespecting Mohammad (PBUH) by disobeying and deviating from the core of the Islamic doctrine and no one seems a minor heeding over exasperation against home-people.

Two renowned celebrities’ back to back mishaps over delivering religious terms, conditions and expressions have opened the door for us so that we could look into the matter of the laws—of—ours to those laws—of—Islam on the basis of actuality. We could redefine the religious terms and conditions so that no sects may find a way to claim anyone as blasphemer and then reproving blindly. Thus it is this high time that the doctrine of freedom of speech and expression needs to be redefined under transnational communities and unanimous opinions of inter-connectedness of sects.

Group of people or any sects should not be allowed to claim, or notify the blasphemy actions but it ought to be the clear—constituted law in scrutinizing any expression of blasphemy. It is the responsibility of Islamic law and the government ruling under it to supervise the sectarian activities as organization and as individual states. We all have to realize and understand that even religion has terms and condition that should be respected—not by individuals’ various expressions or as—like style but by a unanimously recognized—respect—rule that every sect must adhere to and remain subjugated.

Pakistan is like a sick person who keeps suffering its pain but never tries to find treatment for a permanent cure instead he holds paradigm on convincing him that he is healthy.

Sectarianism is a disease, and it’s been a long lasting problem in this part of the world—India and Pakistan. In the world over, and especially, to non-Muslims of western countries there are only two main denominations in Islam; Sunni, and Shiite; contrary the fact that it is just a front cover of the book of sub-continental Islam. There are countless sects exist in both main denominations of the religion of peace. It is, in fact, the sectarian market where man-made ideologies are incarnated into processions and behind Islam-Zinda Baad such slogans; political—and papal-like orders run. People love to buy fake brands of sectarian togs and reluctantly wear it paying homage to its holy makers. Modern holy makers from their fraud bazaar keep supply prevarications to all classes of the society. In this country where slogans and ideologies are taken blindly, and manmade interpretations rule over clairvoyance and wisdom, everyone seems overcome as zombies. Here you can find people like liberal or conservative, illiterate or educated, poor or rich; all listed-up because they have one thing as common that effaces sectarian difference among them which is ignorance. There is no mask can conceal civic ignorance of perceiving living laws—the laws of ours that we had been given by Almighty creator.

When ignorance appears as processions that go through streets and other corridors making hullabaloo, one can expect faction and nothing else besides it. Remedy to protect from such cabal is staying at home that is the best resort. The state’s responsibility, however, is more critical where it has not only to secure but controlling these processions.

When it’s about religious processions especially nativity or Tenth; Pakistan government and relevant authorities have been chasing a mirage by reiterating and appealing to all religious sects to keep harmony among them. In this regard, constitutional right is referred that people belonging to any creed or faith must have complete freedom of expression in the country in living with complete accordance with their respective religious beliefs but the question is how much freedom? Is this the freedom of expression that makes city infra-structure paralyzed for days? Is this the freedom of expression that instigates riot from other sects by placing objectionable gigantic hoardings and banners at all road networks? Is this the freedom of expression that makes people damaging government properties? Are these distinctive faith and or political associated congregations legitimated with theirs expressions during which massacre are done or other sects are tormented or mentally tortured?
Ulama and scholars of various schools of thoughts condemn such atrocities, but they never inch back from their core stubborn principles that create the real bone of contention. Their principals are based on worldly interests since they have nothing done with the Islam and no traditions of Sunnah seem supporting them with complete agreement. In fact, the problem is that these politicians and religious lords are heavily dependent over such mobs’ forward motion. Mobs demonstrations keep political parties and religious sects live by feeding from their blind following. It has been noticing since decades that anywhere a group—of even four or five people can set tents and easily block any road or street in holding party gathering in the name of religion or observing any idolizing hero day. This happens without proper legal process or any permission. This means that this country has no proper law for—get-grouping or general public grouping. No ethics is set for the group like people. This is the reason why government gets into trouble in giving full freedom of expression, but she is on the mercy of wanton sects due to lack of legislation in controlling religious gatherings.

The body of Pakistan on the world map seems quite vulnerable due to more inner upheavals in all life departments than outside crisis and conspiracies against the home of pure. We cannot indict outsiders of our sufferings when we ourselves are unable to diagnose the diseases into us. We must stop chasing mirages now. We must perceive the way of cure that we really needed to remove evil of sectarianism from this country.

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