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Happy Valentine’s Day

Very soon it will be Valentine’s and every inch of your news spread will be filled with love quotes, quizzes, forecasts and jewelry ads.

Before these claim your attention I want to tell you one important thing: Love is simple.

Look around you (two people in love are easy to spot); how they mirror each other’s expressions! And when they do that, innumerable nerves, arteries work in tandem to copy that same expression. Thus, the rush of blood experienced is the same.

Hence, we say love is a universal language. I am strongly against the theory that men are from Mars and women from Venus.

Yes, the choice of expression varies. But that is due to difference in the personalities not genders. Genuine affection makes you a sport and compels you to do things to make your beloved smile. And no matter how simple that smile, you want to see it every day.

You can tell when a business associate is disinterested, indifferent or receptive. Then why can’t you be a good judge in matters of love? It is a very strong emotion to be felt tangibly. Its sincerity can be felt continents apart. People keep falling for it time and again, without even having met.

But that’s not to say love is blind. Like all good things, it takes time to grow, throw roots. Whether you talk for six hours a day or deposit ten minutes fixedly in its account, it takes time.

Below are few indicators of genuine affection:

Time for each other

Even if you are Obama, you make it a point to communicate every day. You stay connected throughout the day.

Solid Friendship

There is no pressure to send selfies, earn a promotion at work. You simply bask in mutual admiration and respect for each other.

Just like in friendship, you do not hesitate to give the first call.

Romance blooms late

Remember even a Miss. World can’t be proposed to on her first date with all sincerity.

Change in your heart

When you hear those three words just be with yourself. Wait for a sensation inside. It could even be in the form of a headache, but that’s fine. If you don’t feel any change, it wasn’t sincere.

Rejoice if you felt it and double rejoice if you, too, care for that person.

Choose wisely your love this valentine’s but let me conclude by quoting a fool-

The Triple Fool: I am two fools, I know, For loving, and for saying so.
-John Donne

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