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We shall rise – Pakistan Zindabad!

For some reason now a days I feel like a part of me is dying. My mind has stopped thinking that there can be any hope for us the Muslims or Pakistanis. We have become fast a symbol of doubt, or a symbol of pity or a symbol of disgust. I do not worry today for myself but for my daughters and the coming generation of our fellow Muslims or Pakistanis that in what kind of world they may grow into? What kind of challenges lie ahead of them? Is there a solution in foreseeable future? The answer horrifyingly comes back as a big No. Frankly, I feel like giving up and continue to live the Corporate Life and become selfish. “Who cares some of my close friends say? The country has gone to wolves.” . But there is a fundamental problem in me that what ever may happen I cannot become oblivious of the obvious. My late mother used to say that it looks like that I live with all the tensions of the world on my shoulders. She was so right to know her son many years ago . The restless soul as I am . More restless soul shall I be.

I am sure you all would be thinking that looks like I have gotten a recent dose of philosophy . But the fact is that I chose to write after many days today because of this habit of not to ignore. I pray to go back to a Pakistan which is like UAE or better where my daughters grow up with a better future & not which is full of fear.

Fear is what is seen on every one’s face. Today, I met a friend one of many who are leaving Pakistan not just to seek better income but to save their lives. People who I thought would never leave Pakistan are now leaving the motherland. Why not, when so many rumors are doing rounds? When schools are under threat. When it looks like one is not safe even in the confines of their homes. Why would you not be fearful?

Speaking to few friends from the Western world inquisitive on the new dose of brutality done by another group of twisted minded Islamic radicals by showing a shot down Jordanian Fighter pilot martyred by burning him down. They wanted to know what is going on in the Muslim world ? Why so much anguish? Why so much turmoil? I always love to tell them the example when a woman used to throw garbage on our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for many days and when one day she did not turn up our dear Holy Prophet went up to her to enquire of her absence . Only to be nice and kind to her on knowing she is sick that changed the heart of the same woman towards following him. I can see in their eyes tears to hear about this act of his. But at the same time I can see signs of confusion that how come the followers of such a kind man can indulge in such acts of brutality . Even the western world is perplexed now and want to go towards an ultimate solution that has set the Muslim Ummah on a path of turmoil.

I can easily blame the leadership across the board ruling the Muslim Ummah who have failed to unite us. But than proudly give them the example of the rulers of UAE who have demonstrated that Ummah is not bereft of leadership but maybe unity. The wonder that UAE has turned into under the leadership that its been put on the world map of most advanced cities shows that it can be done by Muslim Leadership.

I do not know who to blame the ills in Pakistan . The guys who fought the Jihad against USSR . The guys who facilitated it or the guys who financed it . Or maybe the guys who ditched those who did it. The reason we face today the anarchy .

I remember the golden tenure of President Gen Pervez Musharraf who gave us the self respect as a nation via foreign policy, leadership, governance , economics and hardwork that fast we were seen as an emerging economy in the same list of nations to the likes of India , Thailand and Brazil . Only to be brought down or demonized by the enemies of the state. Let it be in the form of criminal mullahs of Red Mosque. Let it be the Black coats or black sheep who brought Chaudhary Iftikhar back as part of the plan to consolidate their power and their will on the nation. Let it be leader turned rebel Bugti who forgot that to get his people served can also happen from the coffers of his own wealth not only by the government. Let it be some in the media who connived to get their own agenda of consolidation and control gets executed or let it be politicians who could only see a Hen (aka Pakistan) laying golden eggs and wanted it back under their control to loot and plunder it. Gen Pervez Musharraf was fast seen at that time not just as a great leader of Pakistan but of the Muslim world as well. Only to be brought down by those who had him in their way to achieve their goal of absolute control or dominance.

Seriously, I do not know, should I blame ourselves as Pakistanis or Muslims that though we know the teachings of our Holy Prophet PBUH and yet we failed to stand up against tyranny at that time to see yet another takeover by the enemies of the state under the guise of patriotism and carrying constitution of the country as their cover. Don’t know who to blame?

But again I see that our generation can still deliver as not all has gone lost as today we have more courage to speak out especially in times when we have the kind of leadership where our Prime Minister acknowledges a frail Chief Minister of a remarkable performance as the Captain of the ongoing operation in Karachi when tens are dying in his province each day. All the more reason that we stand up when we are being deprived of our fundamental rights in forms of electricity, fuel, gas and even life. I can see the civil society waking up to oppose religious fundamentalism and are more politically activated than a few years ago to stand up against the tyranny . This gives me hope . This gives me another reason to belief that all is not gone. Reason I come back again to write; my way to protest and demand what is I feel is right for this nation and as a Muslim.

If today God gives me one wish. It would be that he gives me the power to heal , unite, educate and grow my people above any race , caste , creed, ethnicity or sectarianism. But what I may wish for is in the power of each of us to do it and rise above our differences which divide us as a nation or as Ummah. It is because of this divide that we suffer today and have become a symbol of pity and only pity.

When I see the video footage of the refugee camps . It give me yet another haunted feeling that these refugees are a victim of those who believe in the same God and the Prophet they believe in. If this fire is not stopped . I wonder what would stop it to reach each doorstep?

I feel Pakistan has a bigger role to play. The rest of the Muslim Ummah await that how we as Pakistanis rise to the situation. But what they don’t know is how fragmented we are fighting our own demons. Wonder if we would resolve early enough to stand up for them. Or we would be nothing short of another example of a failure; God forbid. I am sure with a strong and selfless leadership at the center . This dream can be achievable in Pakistan . But maybe this strength is our biggest demon we face today . I am sure we would overcome it one day. But I hope it is not belated. I hope that we stand for what we were created for? We are a strong nation. Strong People. Strong Mind . Strong Heart . We are Pakistan . We would Inshallah Rise. We shall rise. Pakistan Zindabad!

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