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Once upon a time there was a Foxcatcher
Who taught us great men aren’t always good men
When methods of preaching the doctrine of victory
Reaches a threshold to conquer our ends!

Such is the story of false messiah Qadri;
A captive-killer whale who is offered protection
He is felicitated by the system and hugged by our lawyers
He rose above justice to his own redemption!

It’s preposterous; am I within a mile of my question?
I’m focused describing he’s not a pleasant person!
But what the future holds for where I come from?
I’m silenced by people pretending they’re someone!

I’m sick of him telling us how to run the world!
What had or hadn’t happened in the past isn’t told!
So you kill one person and save whole humanity?
Well done my boy! You have a heart of gold!

I’m shocked in the land of intolerance by him
His concept of murder and snake-charming sins
That news-flashed: Guard kills Governor Taseer
He had to his credit some new show to steal!

The hero of his own story made prophecies
Reserving all the Hoors and the heaven door-keys!
Who do I clap for are self-proclaimed winners?
Our innocent blasphemers or their unlicensed killers?

I’ll never pray in mosque that was named after him
The lover of my prophet doesn’t think on his sins
To curfew our ideas with bullets and guns
Proves we are not from the same religion!

Islam teaches tolerance, humanity and peace
Freedom of speech and for minorities
Extra love and care anytime, anywhere
So the devil in between our lives wouldn’t dare!

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