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Another 5th February

This is 2015 and once again, Pakistani nation observed Kashmir Day . Years passed by, clocks kept ticking, meetings kept happening all failed in bringing justice to Kashmiris. Heightened egos laid only barbed wires, separating families but soothed leaderships. Jingoistic esteems filled with the passion of nationalism flooded the streets with blood, air with screams bolstering Indian hegemony.

The Kashmir conflict is a major territorial dispute between India and Pakistan that dates back prior to independence. Kashmir was illegally annexation in the deep and silent hours of mid night. One night changed the fate of Kashmiris. Abuse and torture are the major stunts used by Indian army. Above all, Kashmiris are denied of their very right of self-determination.

The tyranny does not end here; India has never agreed to take up the case in any international forum of justice as it demands mutual consensus of both parties. Around 20 UNSC resolutions are gathering up dust but no hearing rather totally ignored. IOK is rightly perceived as an open prison, remains militarized to the point of one soldier stationed for every 17 civilians. Despite having deployed over 600K troops enabled by numerous draconian laws, Indian army faces a ‘No War, No Peace’ situation.

With every political happening in IOK, Indian forces feel threatened, jam lives, putting on curfew. Nothing in IOK can move a soldier, when it comes to violence. Political figures are either disbanded or in solitary confinement, house arrest to restrict any political movement. The recent very opposite to ‘genuine’ elections in IOK, BJP finally ended up imposing governor rule.

Though India tries to exploit every single chance to attract Kashmiris but denies freedom of expression and association. Free visa, travelling allowances and educational benefits are all the concession which India gives to Kashmiris. But it is the very largest secular democracy of the world that expels students upon cherishing success of Pakistani team. It is the every secular India running havoc in Kashmir, killing people inhumanely. It is very shinning India, spoiling regional peace over a piece of land. And it is very incredible India which denies all legislations on Kashmir.

But then, this all is not surprising, much worse is the situation of southern India. Suppressing the suppressed is not bravery at all but India has its control nowhere else. Millions of Indians starve on footpaths, lack a shelter and walk bare but ‘Bharat Sarkar’ has Kashmir to play on. It is not about Kashmir, being part of India or Pakistan but this is about Kashmiris. Kashmiris have spent almost half of a century in gloom, they deserve freedom. Kashmiris deserve a freedom for which there ancestors have been fighting for six decades.

Kashmiris alone must be given the control to decide their fate. India must accept the reality that any form of annexation does not make it part of any state and specifically without consensus of people. Pakistan must encourage the thought even if Kashmiris want to go independent. And India must seek peace in whatever they have which is already out of control. So India should straight internal matters first before the ditch gets worse and deep.

So personally, I support Kashmir as Kashmir, independent of any foreign influence. And I support Kashmir as fairly democratic and diplomatic state to emerge for regional benefit.

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