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Petition to UK Government for sanctity of Prophets

Last week, the Government of United Kingdom finally accepted my e petition through which I asked the UK Government to implement the European Parliament resolution on Freedom of expression based on respect for other’s rights and sensibilities. I have also asked in my e petition that mocking any religion or any prophet should be treated as ‘hate crime’.

The Petition can be found on British Government official website and now needs signatures from UK residents and Citizen for its possible consideration by the UK Parliament. If you are a UK resident or Citizen or you have friends, family or acquaintances in UK please ask them to sign the e petition with following link and also circulate it amongst their circles:

Click Here to sign the “e-petition”

Signing an e petition just take about 2 minutes, anyone who has a UK address can sign it online. Once you fill in your basic details and submit it you will get an automatic email asking you to confirm your signatures on the petition. Once you confirm it from your email account the signature is added on the petition.

I have no hidden political or personal agendas behind this petition. But following the recent incident of Charlie Hebdo, I have seen many so called ‘defenders of the faith’s involvement in dirty politics. Few are busy radicalizing the Muslim youth in UK and few are busy making money through fund raising for their so-called campaigns for the sanctity of the Prophet (PBUH). It is really reprehensible that some so called faith leaders are doing politics even on the name of Prophet (PBUH) for their personal gains.

The Muslim communities across the UK and Europe are going through a social and psychological turmoil. On one hand, few groups, individuals are doing extremist activities under the name of Islam to malign the Muslim faith in the eyes of the world and on the other hand there are certain groups and faith leaders who are completely complacent and over-apologetic on all these matters. The majority of peace loving and moderate Muslims of the UK and Europe are, however, very much concerned about the boundlessness of freedom of expression. The denouncement of public and religious figures such as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has widely been felt as an insult by Muslim communities across the world.

Amazingly enough, the Christian faith leaders such as Pop Francis are already voicing for the limits on Freedom of expression when a religion is affronted. Officials from the Georgian Orthodox and Russian Orthodox churches have also condemned the insults to Muslims’ religious beliefs while responding to the international release of a new issue of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, the front page of which features a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

In one of my previous article of 19 January, 2015 entitled ‘has Charlie Hebdo ignored the UN and EU guidelines on Freedom of Expression’, I have already expressed my concerns about the violation of universal norms of freedom of expression by the French magazine.

Click to read: Has Charlie Hebdo ignored the UN and EU guidelines on Freedom of Expression?

I would like to request once again to all my readers that certain groups will try to provoke you on these sensitive issues but please..please..please…do not take law in your hands and do not get involved in any extremist activity of criminality. In countries like UK, individuals, groups and communities can resolve issues in a peaceful and legal manner. My petition is the first drop of the rain, please support it by signing and circulating it.

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