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Selfie, not an abnormality

Being a research scholar I have objection on the published article by American Psychiatric Association (APA) on 31 March 2014, the Adobo Chronicles published an article positing that the American Psychiatric Association had stated that taking of ‘selfies’ (i.e., self-portrait photographs shared via social media) is a mental disorder.

The objection belongs to self portrait photography according to my research and intellect level selfie is not a mental disorder, it is a part of our culture, where culture is a variable phenomenon. Anything that is found in majority of population could not be called abnormality; self photography is introduced by the technological advancement of ongoing time. Just like in human demographic distribution in different areas different cultures are found but are not called abnormalities, a culture exercise in Europe is neither performed in Asia nor in Africa, people living in forest of Africa, Australia and America dont fully cover their bodies it’s their culture the same culture is not acceptable in rest of the world, so it does not means it is an abnormality.



The same case is with the religious and political culture it varies from ideology to ideology and region to region. Technology has made it easy to freeze every moment, peoples write dairies its normal so selfie is like dairy to capture the moment as their memory that’s why people take their selfies. So it’s a request to all the human population to enjoy their lives and capture joyful moments for their next nest. In past people used to make their selfies by making picture on walls and stones to remember their moves for their next future by which we could imagine their life and culture. So do not make yourself confused and enjoy every moment of your life. Selfi is a not an abnormality it was just a rumor by ASA to gain the favors of their spectators.

So be a normal and enjoy the specialty of life.

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