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And the candles blew

Soft winds whistled through the morning skies,

Seducing tears of dew resting on every petal,

Lonesome clouds shyly weaving into one another,

Treasuring the wealth of Anna’s rosy scent at last.


Azure tulips danced a side-to-side melody,

A gesture of endearment to her slightest caresses,

And the exquisite sensuality of those teasing fingertips,

Plucking out the finest, she smiled into departure.


Long, endless legs swung freely with each delicate pounce,

Hinting on the weaponry of a divine warrior,

A warrior devoid of both fight and cunning,

His faintest glimpse her only wish.


Moisture graced her feet as she stumbled by the shore,

The gold sun winking somewhere from the horizon’s shadows,

Revealing an inward smile upon plush lips,

The mere sight of their last rendezvous setting her skin aflame.


Heart rate grew apace, her breath deepened from within,

Dainty toes racing all ends of the sandy expanse,

A pair of rusty cliffs gradually appearing in the distance,

The twin chambers of their mutually romantic escapades.


Searching his signs in a fathomless zone of uncertainty,

Curiosity and impatience soon filled her placid eyes,

The two rocks remained eternally distant,

Each vulnerable stride mocking her resolve.


Burned into submission was Anna’s last fiber of will,

Collapsing to pieces on a plain of lifelessness,

Rivers of emotions scoring tears down her pallid cheeks,

Eyes desperate for answers somewhere in the shoring tides.


Gentle eyelids cast the last shadow over longing hues,

Hoping a moment of darkness could drown her unsparing reality,

For her beloved was nowhere to be found,

The soft winds grew cold and ruthless.


Viridescent hues drew open to utter despair,

No longer filming a reality clothed in the past,

The spaces between each finger aching to be filled,

To be consoled, reassured, embraced.


Red, once the color of adoration and desire,

Decayed to dust in a fleeting second,

Her satiny gold fabric belittled against the gray mist,

Her tired soul waiting, fading, gone. ~


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